Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop Review From Ryan Spranger

Ryan Spranger

‘These guys are really smart.’

“The highlight for me today was talking about video marketing. Being in the video production business myself, it was really great to hear about that and to hear about how Dave is doing it because I think he is doing it really well.

I came along with a bit of background in SEO and a basic structure but today filled in a lot of gaps for me. It also painted the bigger picture. I came along with a lot of questions about very specific things. What the guys spoke about a lot today was just reminding me that it’s actually all about the big picture. As long as you concentrate on that big picture, don’t get hung up in the little points was a really good reminder for me.

It’s going to mean that by continuing to implement the material it’s just going to keep my business up there on Google and lead to more and better customers.

If you’re thinking about coming along to an SEO course, I recommend that you come along to this one, regardless of whether you have any experience in SEO or not. These guys are really smart. Not only that, they’re very personable, they’re very interesting, so it’s not geeks caught up on technical work and your eyes will glaze over. These guys are really interesting and you’re going to have a great day and they’re really engaging.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Ryan Spranger did from Dave’s Small Business Internet Marketing workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SBIM workshop. Click here to get started.

Ryan Spranger Gives Feedback for Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop | Workshop Attendee

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