Paul Hanson’s Testimonial About SEO Method 2

Paul Hanson

‘He shared very freely; no question went unanswered…’

“What I liked about today’s workshop was the expertise of David, he shared very freely. No question went unanswered and everything was fully answered. It had a good structure for the day, it was very complete. It looked at for me, all the aspects of SEO that are very important to my main site and how I need to build it up and to basically monetize the traffic that is coming to it. This day has provided the foundation for me to do all the work I’ll need to do for my site.

I think the authenticity is critical. You have to learn from people who have gone where you’re going. They’ve already walked the walk, they’ve already made mistakes, learned form the mistakes and come up with solutions that are proven to work. You certainly see that with David. We’ve seen example sites. He’s taken us through how those sites have been optimized, how they have worked and how they haven’t worked, and you can take that real world experience and apply it to your own business.

I’d highly recommend Melbourne SEO Services. The workshop today as I mentioned was very complete. It had a structure where you can take a website that has no SEO and has had no work done on it with any kind of ranking for any particular keywords and take it as far as your want. That’s typically going to be number one in Google. There is a whole plan that will take any website to # 1 so for me, that’s got to be a  great course to go on because I know I can do that for my site.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Paul Hanson did from Dave’s SEO Method workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SEO Method 2 workshop. Click here to get started.

Paul Hanson Gives Feedback for SEO Method 2 | Workshop Attendee

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