Ian Howard - OPM Testimonial

Ian Howard Gives Outsource Profit Machine Workshop Feedback

“I’ve been to a couple of their presentations before. They’ve always been excellent and I’m always one of the first ones to book in when they introduce another one. My business is all about building other people’s businesses. One of the things I’ve really got to do and I took away from today, is to start looking at my own business: what systems I’ve got in place, how I can restructure those, how I can look at which systems can be outsourced. I’ll take away from today structuring what I need to outsource and what I don’t need to outsource.

‘They’re the best in the small business market.'

‘They’re the best in the small business market.’

The best thing about today was with all the content, it’s really about planning and concentrating on your outcome. All the bits and pieces of the jigsaw are all there, it’s all about pulling them together to make the complete picture. So you need to have a vision of that complete picture first, before you pull the pieces together. I think they have got a problem because each workshop or seminar they do is a cut above the previous one. So they’re now creating a problem, where do they go from there? They’ve just lifted the lid on the last sessions. Now they’re really going to have to work hard to get one better. I like their presentation style. It’s not spruiking or a sales fest, it’s really a conversation. So it’s like they’re talking to each individual in the room. It’s not a big crowd. It’s a crowd of people who are dedicated to learn what they’ve got to say. As I say, it’s just a conversation with them. You can interact with them very simply. They’re always there available in the breaks. They’re probably the best in the small business market.”

What’s Next?

Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Ian Howard did from Dave and Pete’s outsourcing workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the Outsource Profit Machine. Click here to get started.

Outsource Profit Machine Workshop Feedback by Ian Howard | Workshop Attendee

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