Cameron Bloomfield - OPM Testimonial

Cameron Bloomfield’s OPM1 Testimonial

“My name is Cameron Bloomfield. I head up a number of projects. I work in marketing, I dj and manage a band, I trade shares and I also do some property investing. I’ve been working in my businesses for a number of years and for me it’s actually time to start working on my businesses.

I’ve been looking for a practical and straightforward approach to start outsourcing staff locally but also outsourcing staff internationally. When I can do that, I’ll start getting part of my life back. The biggest thing that I took away from the weekend was just how much opportunity there is in online right now in terms of tools. It was Dave and Pete’s Outsourcing Profit Machine that was able to show me what those tools are, the framework I can use and how I can implement them.

'Take your business from good to great!'

‘Take your business from good to great!’

If I had to put a value on what I’ve learnt through Dave and Pete’s Outsourcing Profit machine, it would be worth thousands to me over the course of the next year, but in years to come with the other number of businesses which I’m looking to start up, it would be worth hundreds of thousands to me. Knowing though how to outsource and tools to implement it, it really is priceless.

Dave and Pete’s presenting style was quite complementary on the day. I found that they worked quite well with each other and the only advice I could give to those either looking to buy the DVDs or to get along to one of their seminars is to make sure you take yourself a good pair of ears because there is a lot of content they go through. However, if you do buy the DVDs and they’ve released them, they’re going to be a good source to keep coming back to.

I would say to others who are considering buying Dave and Pete’s Outsourcing Profit Machine, then if you want to take your business from good to great, simply buy the DVDs, check them out and really see how much or how many opportunities there are to outsource and how much your business can benefit from it.

The only other thing that I can add to my notes, I say this as it came up through discussions with other people who were there on the day, is that the content that Dave and Pete are delivering is really on the knife’s edge. It’s this content that I can now take with me, put into practice with my businesses and know that I’ve got a competitive advantage against my competitors in the marketplace.

So now it’s time for me to go and put it all into practice.”

What’s Next?

You cannot practice what you do not have knowledge of. Get information here about outsourcing techniques and tools and see how you may use them in your business.

OPM1 Testimonial by Cameron Bloomfield | Workshop Attendee

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