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Tim Reid Gives Feedback On OPM1

“I ran a course with Pete a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed what Pete had to give. I wanted to find out specifically about outsourcing from Pete and Dave, and here we are, finding some gold.

I guess I had a real insight at some point today which went along the lines of outsourcing is serious work. It’s not just about finding someone for $4 overseas to do a job, but it’s actually about finding someone who is going to be part of your team and you’ve got to treat the recruitment and the retaining and the rewarding of that person just as you would if that person was in the desk next to you. Treat it seriously.

Dave and Pete, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, I don’t know which is which but they’re good guys, they’re great presenters. The content is clear. There are a few geeks in the room but I’m not a geek and I still get it. So I think it’s important to know that what they’re delivering whilst it is high end internet based marketing information, it’s also really accessible by every small business owner around the place.

‘I’m not a geek and I still get it.’

‘I’m not a geek and I still get it.’

My thing with courses is you can never stop learning, you can never stop learning. The person who thinks they know it all is on the way down. So my advice is do courses like this. Keep getting the information. There is material in this course that I know, but there is a great deal of material that I don’t know and if you do know it, it’s a great confirmation that you’re on the right track. So don’t think that you know it all, and do a course like this. It’s really worth it.

The thing with outsourcing is there are hard yards to be done. There are some fun links and there is some fun material to be had and you can get people doing things that you never thought you’d get done for your business. But reiterating what I said earlier, treat it seriously. You are employing someone, you are creating a living for someone somewhere and I think it’s really important that you treat it that way.

The kind of thing I’m going to take from today from this outsourcing workshop is, I actually already have some outsource staff overseas. I think I’ve been treating it a bit too informally. I’m a fairly informal person but I am going to implement some systems, some feedback systems, some regular daily systems where I know what they’re doing at the start of the day and by the end of the day I know what they’ve achieved. End of Day reports, Start of Day reports all that type of thing where I actually have more ongoing contact and make them feel as though they’re part of my team.”

What’s Next?

Now is the time to get your outsourcing system and virtual staff organized. By clicking here, you would learn how to do so just like what Tim Reid had.

OPM1 Feedback By Tim Reid | Workshop Attendee

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