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“… I’m Michael. I have a company called Video Labs and we help small to medium sized businesses with video. Before I started to even create Video Labs, I was working for Yellow Pages. I dealt with around 850 businesses. I worked in the UK and Australia, in Brisbane. I was doing well and then there was a shift, a massive shift and I probably lost about $500,000 in my portfolio of people. I knew from then that I needed to go into the online space because that was where it was all going.

I went on this big search, this learning search of how can I learn, what can I learn. That’s when I started to do the Challenge, I did Ed Dale’s material. I started to just consume, consume, consume. The biggest frustration that I had when I first started out, was there was way too much information. I had no focus whatsoever, at all. That’s when I decided that there is no way I could do this on my own.

… I just basically said we could do it all. I’d learnt it all and I had some good knowledge of it. I think in the internet space, in my business I think it’s important to be very focused. I got a lot of that from you. You say do one thing, do it well, systemize that baby and get that bad boy running, that optimal level.

… For me, that was the problem. I knew too much. It’s like when you go shopping for cologne. If you smell too many, you don’t know which one to do and which one to have. So I actually didn’t stumble across you, I’d seen you in many different things that you’d done. Actually when I was working back in Yellow Pages I’d seen you go out and interview.

… There are a lot of gurus out there. There are a lot of guys out there doing well. Some of them are doing really well. For me though, it was pretty hard to get into the mentoring program, but what I did do, what I was looking for specifically was somebody who could help me focus and help me build that system. Most entrepreneurial people are people who have businesses and would have read The E Myth. The E Myth is all about building out a system and having things run well.

… Look, I know that you’re well known for that. One of the things is that you’re extremely systemized and that was probably a bit of a weakness of mine. So I just felt that I needed to have you particularly around me to help me systemize and channel my energy into where it needs to go.

'Look, if you can manage to get in with somebody like Dave, it’s a very good thing to do.'

‘Look, if you can manage to get in with somebody like Dave, it’s a very good thing to do.’

… For me before I was about to pick up the phone, when I look back at that space, the biggest challenge people are having right now, and if you’re watching this, I can feel you because I know for a fact you’re very confused. Look, if you can manage to get in with somebody like Dave, it’s a very good thing to do.

So going back, before I picked that phone up, I was extremely confused. I had done way too many courses, I had spent way too much money. I needed a real person who was in Australia who knew what they were doing, who was having results. The beautiful thing about you is you’ve had experience in the stock market and so you’re very good with numbers. You were actually in a very similar space to what we were trying to do. Then we found through that discovery process that you put me through, that really video is where I wanted to be.

… When we first met, when you position yourself as a bit of an authority, there are a fair few people who want to get in. You have to put people through a qualification stage, you would have to, otherwise you would end up with anyone and everyone.

… So the process was good. We started off small. They say clarity is power. Trust me, that is really a powerful thing to have, a very clear vision of what you want to do in the next twelve months to three years. I think that’s the biggest thing that we did at the start. We got super clear, very clear. It was a very healing process to go through because there is so much confusion out there. If you’re lucky enough to get in with someone like Dave or somebody in this space…

… Just finding somebody you resonate with who will be able to help you, it’s the best thing you can do. It is the best thing that you can do.

… There’s probably nothing in my opinion better you could do. It’s better than any course.

… Now that we’ve been working together, well, I’m starting to make some money. So it’s good, it’s very good. Specifically our first, I always say ‘our’ first, because I feel like you’re a partner of mine now, I always say our first sale was around $16,500. We built that out together. A lot of it as well is…

… It has paid for itself. The other thing as well with confusion, so this is how I felt. People that are watching would be feeling confused, may be ready to coming on board with a coach, is confidence as well. It’s being able to say, ok, that’s the package we’re selling, do you think that’s a good package to sell? It’s like it’s good to get that second opinion. The more we were getting yeses together, we were agreeing on things, I was saying let’s do this and then you’d bring me back. Shiny objects is a big thing in this game. We did something this week and I showed you something and you said, oh, oh, oh, come back, how does it apply to what you’re doing and what we’re doing right now?

I think it’s really good to get a second opinion as well. That builds up your confidence in selling. When you’re selling you know you’ve got an expert who is watching, guarding, like a guardian angel over your business to make sure that you are selling the right things. I remember the one thing I remember, I said, will I sell this and you said, have you tried it yourself? I said no.

… You have to believe in it yourself. You have to do it yourself. My confidence level went through the roof. I know for a fact you wouldn’t and I wouldn’t either, but I know you wouldn‘t put your name to my business if I was selling something that was rubbish.

The same thing would apply to people who are watching this. It’s a really good thing to do. I’m telling you, it’s the best investment you’ll make in my opinion. So I’ve had some very good results, amazing results so far. I think we’ve got a nice, bright future.

… I can’t thank you enough. The last thing I want to say, because I know a fair few people will see this, is if you are looking for somebody to work with, ring Dave, if you can get in with him.

… Pick up the phone and ring him straight away. I wish I had got to you sooner.

… I’ve probably saved thousands and thousands of dollars. Not only money, it’s not just money. This is the thing, it’s time. It’s the time, it’s the late nights, it’s sitting up. I’ve got children as well, so it’s not easy. The internet presents a beautiful opportunity for businesses and for entrepreneurs to have a lifestyle. Big dreams are always being thrown in our face. But people don’t realize you’ve got to work hard at it and you’ve got to grind. But if you just have that focus and that guardian angel as I said, I think you will just speed up the process a lot quicker.”

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A Review of Business Coach David Jenyns by Michael Hanson | Coaching Client

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