Michael Hall Gives Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop Testimonial

Michael Hall

‘A mind-blowing experience of knowledge..’

“What made me come to the workshop today was I felt the need to start to leverage my business, to start to move beyond myself. I’m a physio, so I felt I needed to actually go from the treatment room to the public arena in terms of what we do and I needed something to help leverage that.

I’ve been blown away by just the possibilities of being able to take what we know and take it into the public arena but to do it through so many different media that I didn’t know about. Now I have something of the knowledge of the tools. I know where to go now for assistance but also I have some confidence in being able to find my own path in that. So I feel quite empowered actually.

What I’ve experienced today is a mind-blowing experience of knowledge in what is happening in the world, in terms of the internet, yes, but more in terms of social networking, the way people are behaving has changed. It’s become much more expansive in the way that people connect with each other and this has given me some knowledge about how to harness that.

I would certainly recommend that they would take up the opportunity if they get it to contact Dave. I don’t think he’ll look back.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Michael Hall did from Dave’s Small Business Internet Marketing workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SBIM workshop. Click here to get started.

Michael Hall Gives Feedback for Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop | Workshop Attendee


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