Marketing Consulting Testimonial By Miljenko Bibic

Miljenko Bibic

‘I’m really confident that you can help.’

“Actually, I have 20 or 30 years of my business experience is in a lot of things and 10 years of internet marketing and my project, my newest, my one of the newest project it is Tekarra Lodge, one lodge in New Zealand, and I came to you actually to help me in this project to really get more clients from online and actually sort and clear file my marketing strategy.

I remember I got this video and I just went through and I didn’t even remember your name. I remember you are somehow before in a stock market but I remember like really sincerely everything about strategy and SEO. After that, when I collected my knowledge about SEO, about internet marketing, of course I made my system but I think 70 or 80 percent with what you told me, actually what I got from this video, I implemented somehow in my checklist for everything that I will do. I remember from what to do like articles and videos, and buying like 5 if you remember sometime like 5 different domain names, you will just put one article on to you know. And when I actually came here, just like to visit my wife in Australia, I had an idea I should come to you, and I had actually come from Croatia because I’m from Croatia, because I am from Croatia originally. I had conversation with you, and then I came here I was really happy to have opportunity to work with you here. But, I don’t know like, maybe one year ago, I bought your product, this last one.

When we discussed who I would really like to work with, somebody who will lead us, with this project, I was clear about you. Even for example, I had other guys in mind, but somehow, you know what, how you were clear on this video, like even this first one, built somehow trust that I’ll get what I need.

I got really prove that you are our guy. First what I would say, if you remember when we chat online the first time, you suggested me this, this, this and that. And actually you sold me something, you sold me your services, your packages and everything. But you were like okay, let’s have a first consultation, to see is this really what you need in this moment. And so like ‘Okay, just maybe we’ll delay all action, but at the end of this first consultation, we got really like complete different view of everything.

But it ends like ‘You don’t need that.’ And it just proves that I am on the right place. I’m working for the right guy because you didn’t sell me and you want to sell me again, you know something even more. You gave up on this because, you somehow, we came up that I don’t need this, everything, you know?

And really help me, it is not only that I didn’t buy your stuff, your packages but clear of what I need to do, I didn’t lose time, and what I like, what I miss, it is really strategy, really, like system. And I can see that you’re really good in this, that you can help me in the future.

You know, I’m really confident that you can help, even every business not only online, because you have, you have online, offline experience. I check everything online, you know, lots of your videos and know more about you. But you know what I will suggest really take every opportunity and really prepare for every conversation, every consultation, really good because every second with you its good because you can get a lot.

So preparation is really key and really come here to clear both to us what to ask what is really goal from this coaching.”

What’s Next?
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David Jenyns Feedback By Miljenko Bibic | Consulting Client

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