Marketing Consulting Testimonial By Jason Nethercott

“I’m basically involved in content marketing. We’re providing good content to the customers of various businesses in Melbourne. It is really content that keeps them connected with the business. We provide that through video and articles. Also we provide email content, documents and white papers, things that are just interesting to customers, high value and really connect customers to businesses.

I have been involved in internet marketing for the past nine or ten years, initially in New Zealand and then when I arrived in Australia for the past three years. A lot of the software, a lot of the courses, a lot of the gurus in the world and also in Australia seem to be similar to the ones who you have been following, the ones you have interviewed, when I discovered your site on Google, just on a Google search.

I thought, this guy he’s up to something. These are people who I think are really high quality, they’ve put out some really good products, great information and they are very well recommended by a lot of business people who are  selling online. I thought, well now we’ve got Dave who is interviewing these guys. I thought, hang on, he’s on to something. So I came across you via Google search and I’ve just been impressed by the friends he kept.

Jason Nethercott

‘This guy really knows his material and it is a credible, honest business.’

It was very down to earth and nice and clear and professional. I’m a very professional person myself. I like to be clear, I’m very punctual and I like to be working with people who do respect time and are clear with their communication. I found that was certainly a big part of the process. It was nice and clear, simple, easy to follow and I just didn’t have to double guess or ask questions about different things. It was a very simple, straight forward process I found throughout.

I had quite high expectations when I came to him because everything was so transparent. I could see all his results, I could look at his other testimonials from past clients. So I thought, this guy really knows his material and it is a credible, honest business. I had high expectations but then everything fell into place. Then everything was mapped out very clearly for me, so I had a definite process to follow so that I could go back and confidently speak to the client and have a complete plan of action and the steps to take. It was so nice and solid and clear, it was good, really good.

I was very pleasantly surprised. We just happened to go from the sixth position up to number one position for the most important keyword for our client which I’ve been working on. I’ve been producing so many articles. My job is not to get into number one but it would be really nice to be able to do that. I’d been building links and doing all this work and hadn’t been able to do it. Somehow overnight, it just goes up there.

I was rapt, the client was absolutely rapt with that. As I was tracking in Google Analytics, I got to see that, yes it was getting a great hike in people coming through to this site and just the jump in numbers was great to see. I was very surprised, I was blown away that we got results quite that soon, within twelve hours of the call. SEO is meant to take three to six months, so what is going on there?

Just email. Don’t buy too much into it, just flick David Jenyns an email. Just send the guys an email. I spoke to about two or three members of staff over the past two to three weeks. It was just easy. Each one of them was fantastic. They were easy to deal with, it was all clear, the communication. I thought, it’s a great indicator again of  just a well run business.

Send an email, make a call, take that first step because it is just too easy. There is no hard sell. It’s just, what do you want to know, how can we help you out? It’s just so open and transparent. I was really impressed with that because it is really important to me, just honesty and transparency and it’s rare to see in a business. When I see that, for me there is no question. I don’t need any other evidence because when I get that honesty and transparency no more questions are required.

…Probably that’s the best place to go at this stage, Or you can just do a Google search on Jason Nethercott, I’m all over the place. I’ve got a few running results on there too. That’s probably the best place, Google search or morecustomersnow.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Jason Nethercott did from Dave’s marketing consulting? You can watch his video to know more about it. Click here to get started.

David Jenyns Feedback By Jason Nethercott | Consulting Client

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