Marketing Consulting Testimonial By Alisa & Lysandra

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‘I still think that if we had done it from the very beginning we would have that clear direction instead of just trying to guess.’

“Well I guess initially, I was little bit hesitant we didn’t do it earlier to do this session wondering with the it was worth investing some money into work and I’m a little bit disappointed we didn’t do it earlier. I think if we had done it earlier we just saved a lot of time.

And I think sometimes when you’re speaking to someone that’s not in the midst of ‘Oh this is information overload and sometimes you just need that clear mind and directive. But also someone’s that’s experienced too, like, all the questions, what do you think, you know, we’re debating, all of us, its’ good to have that, you know, experience and your knowledge to go say, ‘if it was me I’d go this way.’

And we’re so new to all of this, that for us it was the blind leading the blind and to have somebody go right, well “This is your goal, what are your objectives, what do you want that outcome to be?” I just felt way less stressed about it.

…Well, the amount of time that we wasted on putting this off, we’ve actually spent more money than, a lot more money than we would have been if we would have not done at the very beginning. And I just think now that somebody to try and take it upon themselves is a really stupid business move.

the block resized 200Yeah, I think investing a little bit of money which might seem like a lot when you’re starting off in the business I think it’s just one of those things that you’ll get your money back in a couple of weeks.

I feel like we’ve put so much money into certain aspects, and it’s like “Oh I don’t wanna put money into somebody telling me how to do what we think we know what we’re doing already”, but yeah, my regret is not doing it at the very start, we’ve wasted a few months because it is all a learning experience, but now we probably appreciate, you know, what you taught us today probably that much more, but, I still think that if we had done it from the very beginning we would have that clear direction instead of just trying to guess.”

What’s Next?
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David Jenyns Feedback By Alisa and Lysandra  | Consulting Client


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