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“…I focus solely on in the internet marketing space and I guess up until this point I was really focusing on a bunch of different areas so I was doing some SEO, some Google Adwords works, some conversion, optimization, you know I cannot dip my time to work with social media and I was working in a part-time capacity on this over the last, say, four years or so…

…If you keep doing the same thing you gonna keep getting the same results and I guess after applying a lot of time and energy and focus, you know, for a couple of years, I realize that I’ve got kinda like fork in the road, I can either keep on doing what I’m doing, and I still get, you know, decent results, but not really make step to where I want to be or I can actually you know make a change and rethink my approach. You know perhaps, get some professional help which is what I did and obviously getting you to mentor me so it was really about if I kept doing the same thing, I get same results, let’s do something different, to actually get a different outcome that kind of a rising idea around what else that’s what I did…

Mark Azzopardi

‘I could’ve tried to read another five books and I might have learned from it, but having sessions with you kinda really get me traction and that was I was looking for.’

I think, first time I came across you Dave was in your Competition Crusher material, so it was something like you had eight sessions online, and you know as workshops you really kind of shined through, in terms of your knowledge and I guess you didn’t really hold back, you know a lot of online material is more along the lines of, ‘here’s a little snippet, if you want the full story, fork out a hundred thousand dollars kind of thing, and obviously, you’ve got online training as well but you’re really open with your knowledge and that kinda, you know, I have trust in what I saw and I could see that you’re the real deal, and you kinda came across as the guy that’s really looking to help. You’re really helping people develop their businesses as opposed to, what’s in it for yourself, you know what I mean, that kinda shone through. And yeah, then I went from Competition Crusher, Melbourne SEO Services website, I bought your video marketing…

…I bought The SEO Method 3, and then I stumbled across your consulting page but from the time I get to there it was almost luck and no brainer, its like you know, let’s make this happen, I can kinda see an opportunity here. That kinda fork in the road, like I can, this might be a turning point where I kinda really get some leverage you know…

…I’ve sent email over through the support, and he’s got back to me pretty quick and I spoke to you the next day. And I was, I felt pretty comfortable speaking to you, coz its almost like on you (…) seen and sound through your video, (…) and you came across, you know, on the phone, it was like you were in your video as kind of nothing hiding, you know, pretty genuine guy. I thought, afterwards, yeah, with your ways, so am.

I think for me, the number one thing was, I took a lot of clarity out of the sessions we had, I think in the internet marketing space, its really easy to caught up, in as I said before the next shiny object that’s coming past and is an idea that might have some good profit potential or there’s another idea and I think one of the major outcomes from our sessions was that I had a plan for the next let’s say, six months if not longer and the step by step building blocks, then I really bought into it because I was comfortable of kind of what we’ve formulated together and it just gave me a lot of direction and really after the last session we had I felt a lot of relief kind of thing its like, I really got (…) about it again because when you kind of not really sure that after you’re putting gonna get that return, you know, you’ve kind of a bit sensitive but having walked away from our sessions with the information that you’ve given me, I’ve got that confidence, that now that kind of renewed motivation, so and the focus number one would be the focus in internet marketing there’s so many things you can do. In the end, you kinda pick one and be as best as you can and kind of take it from there.

…I think getting, having some type of mentor or coach, in the business is a really good thing. And from all the interviews I’ve listened to, a lot of successful business people have mentors as well, like people that you think already know everything, they’ll actually got mentors that are assisting them. So I think one of big things is getting some type of mentor, some sort of external part to actually assist and facilitate your thinking and provide ideas. I think getting a mentor is really positive thing, and, you know I can definitely vouch for you and the experience I had working with you Dave and obviously, you know, you’re a successful entrepreneur. I’m trying to travel the road you already traveled so it just make perfect sense, that, you know, we’ve connect, so definitely, you know, I could’ve tried to read another five books and you know, I might have learned from it, but having sessions with you kinda really get me traction and that was I was looking for.”

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David Jenyns Feedback By Mark Azzopardi | Consulting Client

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