Mark Hayward Gives His SEO Method 2 Workshop Review

Mark Hayward

‘The guy’s a freak’.

“I regard myself as a newbie I guess but there is just so much out there and what Dave has basically put together for me today is something that I can follow. It’s digestible. There’s a lot there. The guy is a freak, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. There was hard core information and if information is power, than I think I’ll be going forward with a bit more power and if I put all that together, hopefully that really helps me in my business and down the future.

For me, as David says, even if you take 5% of what he’s shown you today, you’re going to be streets ahead of a lot of people. This material for me, it sounds like, seems to be, it is on the bleeding edge. The good thing that I’ve learned today is you don’t necessarily have to take every single aspect of what he’s said today, employing people overseas and all that sort of thing, that’s fantastic. But within my model, if I could just take some of the first tier, second tier, third tier things that he’s talking about and apply that to my business, I think I will be well on the way.

… Do it, it would be worth your time. Today was a heavy day, a long day. These guys, they feed you, they’re ultra nice, they really know what they’re talking about and you don’t feel like any question is stupid or anything like that. You can just ask anything you want and you’ll get straight up answers. It’s definitely worth its weight in gold.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Mark Hayward did from Dave’s SEO Method workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SEO Method 2 workshop. Click here to get started.

Mark Hayward Gives Feedback for SEO Method 2 | Workshop Attendee

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