Jason Nethercott’s Testimonial On David Jenyns’ Business Coaching

“I’d been struggling to find a clear direction with my new business and felt overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available online. The problem was, I didn’t know who to trust and listen to at a time when the survival of the business was at stake and our family’s sole source of income.

I initially discovered David after doing a Google search and exploring some of his videos and articles which I found really useful. Eventually, I ended-up on the Melbourne SEO Website and watched a video on the consultation work that David does. I didn’t think it was too expensive and really craved speaking one-on-one with someone who was genuine, knew what they were on about and who was local.

Jason Nethercott

‘I took the plunge and was really happy with the results.’

I took the plunge and was really happy with the results. The consultation was thorough and at the end I had a clear plan of exactly what to work-on with my on-line marketing and exactly where I was heading. This enabled me to stop losing sleep worrying if I was using the right methods or doing the right things with my marketing. Dave struck me as being a very down-to-earth and ‘nice guy’ who was very marketing savvy and knowledgeable about business which gave me a lot of confidence in what I could achieve.

Feeling motivated, I got to work immediately and the leads started coming fast. From relying on our small pool of regular customers that we had taken over from my father-in-law, I was now getting between 3 and 7 leads a day with a close rate of 80% and at approximately 10% of the advertising costs we had been paying previously. As an example, we managed to get a half page magazine ad in our local newspaper down from $800 to $330 and got one lead from it that we didn’t close. On the other hand we spent $15 dollars with one of David’s on-line advertising providers to get 27 sales from new customers over seven days!

I highly recommend David and the team at Melbourne SEO Services and very happy for anyone to contact me for an objective opinion on all communication and results. It was money well-invested to give me a blueprint to achieving surprising results in our fledgling business and I’m very glad I took the plunge.”

What’s Next?

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David Jenyns Feedback By Jason Nethercott | Coaching Client

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