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“We’re a local small business owned by myself and my wife. The idea behind the video was we wanted to make a video that would just introduce us, as a small business to our customers. We tried to explain to them that we were essentially a Mum and Dad business, although we own a franchise and that franchise is a very large organization. The franchise is actually the largest of its kind in the world. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that people understood that we were actually a local business.

We first were introduced to Melbourne Video Production by a marketing podcast called Small Business Big Marketing. I then went to their website and investigated them a little bit further to decide if it was something that we wanted to do and if they were the sort of people we wanted to work with. I then spoke to David and from there we decided they were the sort of people who we would be happy to work with.

My retail manager, who is quite a talented young fellow and I started off by writing our own script. Then we took that script and we sent it off to the boys at Melbourne Video Production. Our first script was probably a little bit too ambitious for the idea of what this video was for. They advised or gave us some counsel that maybe we should look at doing things a little bit differently.

We completely revised the whole script and decided that we wanted to shoot the video in our store so people would get a bit more of a feel for the business that we were promoting. Then the guys came out on the day, having seen the script of what we wanted to do. They just came out with minimal equipment really and set things up and we were underway in no time at all.

'Working with the guys from Melbourne Video Production was just a breeze, to be perfectly honest. They were very professional.'

‘Working with the guys from Melbourne Video Production was just a breeze, to be perfectly honest. They were very professional.’

We’d done some rehearsing ourselves. Every person who was involved in the video from our side had rehearsed their part more than once. Therefore, apart from the nerves from being in front of the camera for the first time, we were pretty up to speed on what we needed to say and what we needed to do. The boys from Melbourne Video Production just gave us a few tips along the way in the sense of presenting ourselves to the camera. So it was quite a smooth process really.

Working with the guys from Melbourne Video Production was just a breeze, to be perfectly honest. They were very professional. They kept us focused on the purpose of the video as I mentioned before, so we didn’t get too carried away with it. They were just too cruisey when they came out to work at our place. As I said before, it was pretty straightforward. They just got us down to business straight away and put us all at ease and it was too easy, really.

We’re very happy with the video that we’ve put together. We still laugh our socks off every time we watch it. We’ve had a lot of feedback from within the franchise network. Quite a few of our clients, particularly through our facebook site, have seen it and have commented on it. Quite a few of our peers within the network are quite keen to make a similar video as well, so I think it certainly had quite a big impact.

I would highly recommend the guys from Melbourne Video Production for making these sorts of videos. It’s a very straightforward process. As I said, we actually wrote our own script. Maybe not everybody would be able to do that but I’m sure the guys, with the talents they showed us, would be able to help someone through from the beginning to the end if they didn’t feel that they could do that themselves.”

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Melbourne Videos Review by Ian Tomlin | Melbourne Video Production
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