Feedback On Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop By Craig Kirby

“What made me come to the workshop today was I’ve just started a new business. We’re predominantly an online business. We’d tried other forms of media which hadn’t worked very well. I’ve known Dave previously. I’ve seen some videos that he’s done, some of his SEO work online. It all seems really good. We need a boost. We’re not getting the traffic that we were expecting and so I thought it’s time to bite the bullet and try to get the business moving along a lot quicker than what it currently is.

So I thought the best way to do that would be to learn from the experts and have someone pay some attention to my business to get it up and running a lot faster.

Craig Kirby

‘I can use lots of his past experience to help my business.’

I think the biggest highlight today was just understanding all the different avenues and all the different things that are involved, to be honest. How to drive traffic to your site and how to handle them once they get to your site through all the link building campaigns and so on. I think I’m reasonably internet savvy but as far as far as that sort of thing goes, I have no idea. So I found that very interesting and something that I couldn’t do myself.

It will drive a lot more traffic, a lot more targeted traffic to my site. I’ll get better value out of my Google AdWords campaigns. Also I’ll get the business off the ground, get it up and running to be self sufficient a lot quicker. It’s obviously great to learn from people who know what they’re talking about who have been there and done that before. Specifically David has been in the same niche business that I’m in now, so that’s a great benefit to me. I can use lots of his past experience to help my business.

I now know that there is a lot more involved in than I had originally thought, so yes, I’m really glad that I came along.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Craig Kirby did from Dave’s Small Business Internet Marketing workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SBIM workshop. Click here to get started.

Craig Kirby Gives Feedback for Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop | Workshop Attendee

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