Feedback On David Jenyns By Lesley Komlos & Greg Culver

Greg: “… we’ve been going for a few years now, acquiring clients and growing and building our team. I guess a few months ago, Lesley said that you were opening up for coaching and we were at the stage, or are still at the stage where we knew where we wanted to go but we didn’t quite have the clarity that we needed to probably get to that next level. Obviously knowing your journey and knowing where you are at now, we thought, really it’s a bit of a no-brainer to take it on so that we can actually get to that next level.”

Lesley: “… I think the main driver for coming to you is that you know our business already inside out. The coaching that we had in the past was people who didn’t really understand our business. We spent a lot of time trying to explain it to them how it works and the team that we have in place. That’s wasting time and then having one of them tell us, you know what you want to do is not possible but not giving us an alternative. It made sense to come to someone like you who knows what we’re doing.

… Actually through Jason, Jason Katzenback at PortalFeeder. I saw some of your comments on the forum there or something. So I went and had a look at some of your work and I thought, wow, there is an Australian doing this material really well. Then we bought the first SEO Method that you did.

… I’ve been watching your work ever since. We’ve got the second one that you brought out and we had a call a couple of years ago. You put out an offer to say the first however many to buy this gets an hour’s call with me. I thought, well, I got it cheap through the PortalFeeder. I emailed you and said, please. So when the opportunity came up to have the coaching, it just made sense.

… It was very easy. The whole idea of being able to have a coach that lives on the other side of the country and doing it via Skype is pretty cool. Yes, it’s been good.”

Greg: “… Well we really have been aware that we need to be offering more than that. We need to be offering more solutions for businesses, so we’ve been trying to market ourselves as an online marketing solutions company, obviously talking about things that impact upon their profitability and the way they market themselves.

'The whole idea of being able to have a coach that lives on the other side of the country and doing it via Skype is pretty cool. Yes, it’s been good.'

‘The whole idea of being able to have a coach that lives on the other side of the country and doing it via Skype is pretty cool. Yes, it’s been good.’

So it’s a little bit more than just rankings and ranking reports, it’s also about what they do with the traffic once it gets there, also positioning ourselves in our market. Obviously when we first started, we were fairly low end and we’ve leveraged into higher pricing and better client base and that sort of thing. I guess finding that clarity of where we needed to be and positioning ourselves has probably been really important.

… It was the same day we actually got one over the line. We already have one of our really high-end clients on board, so that’s really exciting.”

Lesley: “… Part of what we’re learning from you is also systems and how to systemize things. It gives us a chance to systemize things and automate things so that we can step out and look at other ways that we can be utilizing our skills and building business. It’s almost like we want to make the LinxHurricane section a stand alone business so that we can step out and do some other work as well.”

Greg: “Yes, leveraging more into multiple streams of income, which obviously you’re going to be helping us with.”

Lesley: “I think one of the things that I noticed right from the beginning was your ability to bring everything down into a very clear, simple model. It was actually one of the most powerful things that we’d ever done. It’s doesn’t matter whether it is an SEO company or whatever business it is, that clarity is so powerful. You can do that; it’s definitely worth doing.”

Greg: “Yes, just pulling it back to bare bones. I think one of the things is we were probably trying to do too much and offer too many things rather than paring it back which is what you helped us to do. That clarity then enables us to focus just on one or two things. Then if we need to, we can bolt on the others as we go. One of the main things, what we get with our clients who are happy to give testimonials, it’s all about the credibility and the trust and knowing that what you are offering actually works.

… It’s real world work. Already, we still haven’t really rolled out but we have got results already and great clarity. That gives us a sense of confidence that we can easily get our targets.”

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David Jenyns Feedback by Lesley Komlos & Greg Culver | Coaching Client

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