Online Marketing Coach Review By Cherlyn Kong

“… My family and I have a vacation rental business, actually businesses in Maui, Hawaii. The internet has been news to my parents who really want to come into the 21st century but it’s been a challenge for them. So I needed to seek out a way to have more business traffic coming and being converted to actual reservations. We’ve got great reviews on different websites as well as the book formats of reviews such as Frommer’s Guide and Lonely Planet. But for some reason people aren’t finding us.

He’s helped clear up a lot of questions.

‘He’s helped clear up a lot of questions.’

So David had this great email that said that he was going to be giving coaching lessons so I jumped on that and I’m really glad I did. He’s helped clear up a lot of questions. He prepared, which is good, for the session, but he really took me step by step through what was the best thing for us to do. It’s good because I would not have done it that way. I really want to be able to maximize our time and our money and this was very well spent time and money.

… I think for us, we have a successful business but it can be better addressed with somebody who knows how to do that. The computer world is a little bit outside of my realm. So for our business, our website needed to change upgrade so that it could take a life on its own. It has, but not necessarily for the better, so that is the reason I contacted David.

… I think David turns things in the computer world into very clear and concise information that is useable by the general public. So it’s like a Math teacher, speaking to students but speaking in everyday language as opposed to Math’s lingo. So that has really helped me to feel like ok, I can take these tasks and this list of things that he’s told me that are good to do and how to go and do them. I feel really good about that.”

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Dave  is an online marketing coach who has helped many businesses thrive. Click here and learn more about his expertise.

Cherlyn Kong’s Feedback on David Jenyns | Consulting Client

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