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“I’m Alex from – Australia’s largest parenting website. We reach over 1.2 million browsers every single month, nearly 9,000,000 to 10,000,000 page impressions a month at the moment. So we have a large community of parents and we’re also a large content provider. SEO is a skill that is quite hard to embrace in this day and age. The rules seem to change faster than our skills do. To get an up-to-date brief of exactly what we need to know and where we need to go moving forward to success is really key to our business.

'Dave could help demystify some of the things round SEO'

‘Dave could help demystify some of the things round SEO’

I was certainly hoping that Dave could help demystify some of the things round SEO. My team are really skilled. Some of them have varying degrees and understanding about how it works and others have very little understanding. The course we did was great. Everyone could ask something as basic as what does this mean when I see this link, to really detailed questions about tags and titles. Following the training day, we knew we were going to review our practices and what we were going to do and this will no doubt influence our next calendar year strategy going forward.

I just think you need to be careful with SEO training and make sure everyone is on board and the skill levels are all the same. I think in the course we saw a lot of different skills in the room and it was definitely tailored to all levels. Look, anyone with a web business, if they’re not SEOing their site correctly, and learning best practice, they’re just fools. They’re tearing up money.”

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Alex Brooks Gives Feedback About David Jenyns | SEO Client

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