Robert Sommerville’s Web Video Workshop Review

“I’m from For those who don’t know the Thirty Day Challenge, we’ve been using video now for nearly six years in our public programs and also in our paid membership programs as well. Video is an awesome way of getting your message across. It carries a much higher perceptual value of content.

'It was a fantastic summary of all aspects of video...'

‘It was a fantastic summary of all aspects of video…’

I was really looking forward to coming along today to look at this seminar. It was a fantastic summary of all aspects of video from the conception of video, why it’s important, what the tools are and how you can maximize the use of value in your business. Also some creative ideas and coming up with some new money making ideas with video as well. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s fantastic.”

What’s Next?

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Web Video Workshop Review By Robert Sommerville| Workshop Attendee

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