Melbourne SEO Services Review – By Remy Lindner

“… I’m a psychologist working in Melbourne, mostly around the inner city. I work with people with depression, anxiety, anger, things like this.

… Part of it was other psychology firms have noticed that it’s an old industry and it was important to start using these new technologies. Also as a young person in the industry, I felt it was important to hit my target demographic. I felt it was important to think, I did the best I could and didn’t just use the old methods and get a bit more dynamic.

' The results have been way beyond what I thought it could be.'

‘ The results have been way beyond what I thought it could be.’

… At first I thought it might be as we’d known each other for a long time, but it’s just been seamless. You’ve said, this is what I need from you and I’ve been able to provide that as quickly as I can, I even got a hurry up every now and then. It’s just been seamless. It’s been invisible and the proof has come out with the search rankings.

… The results have been way beyond what I thought it could be. I’m ranking second for psychologist Melbourne, which would be the exact keywords we’ve discussed would have been important. Not only that, I’m ranking well for psychologist South Melbourne, for a few other keywords, such as stress, anxiety, mental health and the results have been much higher increase in client traffic and even in people just emailing me and asking for some mental health help and information which is exactly what I was after.

… The proof again is in the search results. There are some things that you have done that I don’t know what has happened but the results have gone up. So get on board. Try something new. If it’s not working, then maybe it’s time to give a professional a go.”

What’s next?

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Melbourne SEO Services Testimonial From Remy Lindner | SEO Client

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