Is David Jenyns A Scammer? Prentice Parr’s Review

“… There was a time where I really just started getting interested in websites. I got interested in actually wanting to build a website. I searched the internet and heard some things about WordPress. I had a friend who knew how to get a WordPress site up. After working with him I created one website. I didn’t really know exactly how to do it but I got with the developer. I spent probably $3000 on that website and really realized I wasn’t getting the type of traffic that I thought that I would get from it.

The great thing was it was a topic I was interested in but the reality is it was just taking so much out of what I had. I went on and created another website, same thing. I actually got some better traffic from that one but it still wasn’t getting anywhere near the traffic that I was looking for. I really just took some time to think about it, focus on my goals, thought about what I wanted to do with the website.

The reality is I came towards a) I wanted something that I was passionate and interested in but at the same time b) I wanted something I can get some revenue from. I went ahead and said I’m going to do this one more time on my own. If it doesn’t work then, that’s the end of it. I tried it again. Just to give you a sense of where I was, I think the first website I was getting close to maybe about 40 visitors a month, if that.

The second website, finally, I would say the one I have right now is getting about 1200 visitors a month which is huge, but the revenue, I’m getting about $15 in revenue a month. That’s still nowhere near what I want it to be. I’m happy doing that. Like I said, I did it from reading and surfing the net, I bought some books and so on.

At one point I came across, I think it was one of your videos. I think you talked about the fact that you used to do some day trading or you worked in the financial markets or something. It was interesting the way that you explained, I think it was called The SEO Method. That video, the way that you explained the way the internet works, the way that SEO works, it was completely different to anything I had seen.

Most of the time it is very robotic. Hey, you want to make sure that you put in ten words in each page that you have, you want to have over 300 words. It really became robotic the way. But the way that it was described in The SEO Method it was wow, this is a popularity contest. It was natural being on the internet and what does all of this mean.
I thought that you were interesting and I started reading a little bit more. I saw that you had an SEO company. It was funny because the first time I thought, I can’t afford that. I kept reading the material and I kept seeing the value. I thought, some of the material I’m getting for free is easily worth $100, $200 based on what I got with my website.

It got to the point where I was serious about taking my website to the next level. I just kept banging my head against the wall trying to do something. You know what? Let me get, instead of just working with a developer to build websites who can’t really help me drive traffic. This guy is a guy I trust. I’ve been watching his videos, I’ve read some of his text. I think you have a listening service, I signed up for that. I was getting emails once a week and I would read a few here and there.

I thought, if anybody can do it, it seems like this guy right here is into it. So let me give Dave a try.

… It was all the bits and pieces. I can tell you, I don’t know what others are like but for me, I’m highly skeptical of things that I see on the internet. Just to give you a little bit about me, I’m from America, I come from California and you’re from Australia. So there is that whole, wait a minute, not only is it someone I don’t know, but this is somebody who is literally continents away.

There is that other factor, whatever the cost of the consultation, it was actually more because of the fact that I’m from America and my dollars are not worth the same amount as whatever you guys have over there. For me it was ok. There is a risk and there is a reward. If I had come to your website and there was only one page saying hey, this is what I do, sign up, I would have reacted like the first time I did when I looked at the material. You know what, I can’t afford this, it’s not worth it.

But after seeing your videos and seeing some of the things you did, I had got so much of what I saw as free information. I’d probably got to the point where I’d got $6,$7, $800 worth of free information anyway. Let me compensate him in some way, I feel like I’ve benefited so much and I just did it. I really wanted to get this up and I felt like you had a lot of the tools to do it. I went for it.

… I think part of it, like I said, when I started, I felt like I was an expert already. I’ve built three different websites and I’ve read books on SEO so I felt in that conversation initially my goal was to, let me when I get on the phone call with him, let me tell him what I’m looking for. Let me make sure I get the value. I’m spending this money, let me make sure he answers all of the questions that I have.

'I could read a hundred books but I feel like the material that I got from you was great.'

‘I could read a hundred books but I feel like the material that I got from you was great.’

I soon realized it’s one of those things where you don’t know what you don’t know. I got on thinking, ok, I have three websites, potentially four or five that I have in development right now, how can I take one of these websites to the next level? That was my question for you and I wanted you to answer. But at the same time I thought, wait a minute I do understand that he’s seen hundreds of websites. So there are things that you know that I don’t know.

So I think being able to get on that conversation and at least tell you what my goals are, that was helpful. You provided some insights that I can tell you I was not thinking about at all. So for me, I can tell you one of the biggest values coming out of it is, I came out with a plan. I thought I went in with a plan, but when I came out, that’s when I really had a plan.

I had some concepts that I was pursuing that I thought would pull some revenue in, but just being able to be humble and say, what do you think, how would you approach it, how have you approached it in the past was helpful. I think I had the benefit that some other guests may not have but I was able to come in from the bottom.
I started out without a concept afterwards. I said, how would you think about a concept? Now that we have the concept, how would you think about the keywords. Now that we have the keywords, how would you think about the url? For me, that’s the thing that’s been invaluable.

I could read a hundred books but I feel like the material that I got from you was great. I have a lot of friends in business school, a lot of friends who have created these smallish websites and just the information that I got from you is almost unparalleled. Sometimes you expect that you get to your point where you know these kinds of things, you expect that this guy is going to get on with me, he’s going to have the sessions really quickly, he’s going to know everything.

But the fact is that not only did you give me your insights but you really listened to where I was trying to go with this. That’s really the thing that set motion to it. I can tell you after that even having the conversation, one of the things that you promise is that what you do will be worth what you pay. I think you might even have said a little bit more than that. I can tell you going into the conversation I think I need to pay him. Because the exchange I pay $890, $900 something like that. I was thinking to myself, I don’t know if this guy is going to know anything worth that, but I can tell you, I’m glad that I made that step. I’m glad that I jumped. Right now I feel like my future is completely different to where it would have been.

… I think one of the things that you’ll find is not even in just business but whenever you’re trying to accomplish a goal, I think you always want to have somebody that you know that you can look to that has experience, that has the know-how, that has seen a little bit more than you’ve seen and somebody who you trust.

I know that the first three that I just mentioned would have that, just based on everything I’d seen or on the net. That trust factor, that’s extremely important. Right now that website that I have may be worth a certain amount but ten, twenty years down the line it could be worth literally a hundred times more than that. You need to be able to go to somebody where you know that the decision they help you make is not going to throw everything down the drain.

Speaking to that, a lot of people who have created websites in the past where it started at a certain level and then they used these different types of techniques where it was successful for a certain amount of time. Then afterwards, after a few updates their Google is no longer there anymore. You look around for that person that helped you and they’re no longer there. I can tell you right now just based on the experiences we had that I have an immense amount of trust in you.

I feel like the advice that you’ve given me, just to go back to our first session, it could have been really easy for you to just say, hey, let’s just go with this website, let’s just go with that website, why don’t you just do this and do that. The reality is I really needed some honesty in terms of what my goals were, and what I had, there was a disconnect. I think you told me that, I know you told me that.

… It took me some time to get past that but the reality is after you gave me that hard truth, I know that where I’m headed right now was much, much higher than where I was. I can tell you just from a satisfaction point of view, I’m so much happier with the concept that I have now. I would say in terms of long term, just having somebody that you know you can go to that you know has the knowledge, the experience, somebody is going to tell you the truth and somebody that you can trust is invaluable.

… There is nothing too much to say to myself because I ended up taking that leap. I can tell you, I was probably as skeptical as they come. I don’t do hardly anything on the internet just because of the trust factor. I came from California and you’re in Australia. There were so many factors that made me question it. But the reality is if you’re a skeptic like me, even what I say may not make that much of a difference.

So what I would say if you’re watching, I would say, take a look at some of Dave’s content. Look at his content, see what it does for what you have right now. Take a look at some of his videos, sign up. I don’t know exactly what your service is called but go ahead and sign up, get his weekly emails. Utilize it, this is all free information, go ahead and start to use that and see what it does.

What I can tell you though is once you start to do that, if you really want to go to the next level, if you have a website right now and you really want to make it to successful or you want to create a website, I would say to take that leap. I did, it was way more money than I had planned on spending, but you know what, after having this experience and being able to work with Dave right now, it was worth every dollar.

I can tell you in the future this for me, this is somebody I’m going to continue to use for the rest of my life whether I keep this website, sell it, create another one. This is somebody I consider part of my team now. Take that leap. In life there is always that risk but I can vouch for it, take it, it will be worth it.”

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A Testimonial on David Jenyns by Prentice Parr | Consulting Client

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