Kate Luella’s Outsourcing Profit Machine 2 Case Study

“My name is Kate Luella and I’m an online product creator. I’m lucky enough to come to this course today put on by David Jenyns and his team at Melbourne SEO Services. I’ve been a big fan of David Jenyns since I saw him probably about two years ago. Of course SEO meant nothing to me back then and now it really means a lot to me, not only for my business but also just getting new clients and developing as a whole as an entrepreneur. That is really David’s forte.

When it comes to this course, I must say I was quite impressed. The speakers are top level. I really do find this because I’ve started to go to the events around and found that the speakers are a little bit lacking. Often they’re not paid, so you can get a lot of riff raff going through and pitchfests going on. There is none of that going on here.

'... I must say I was quite impressed. The speakers are top level.'

‘… I must say I was quite impressed. The speakers are top level.’

This is really good training. It is the work that you really want to do. For myself, as I said, I’m a big fan of David and he does the entrepreneurial thing, big time, not underground, but almost. He knows SEO but he’s really more about evolving as a person online which is exactly what I want to do. I can really tap into that. That’s the sort of thing when he did his talk this morning on the entrepreneur, the stages of the entrepreneur, I really saw myself exactly where he was talking.

So I got that, I understood that and I definitely resonated with that, where you really have to be in person to see someone talking to have it affect you. Often when you buy a pdf, you flick through it, sometimes you don’t read it. So going to events like this, if you’re thinking of doing it, you really should. It will take you to another level. It’s very easy to buy something and just glance through it. It doesn’t have an impact on you.

When you meet people in person, your networking goes through the roof at these events. I’ve already seen two people I know from another forum I’m in, James Schramko’s forum, so that was funny. We said, ‘what are you doing here? Are you alone, I’m alone, well, now we’re not.’ Anyway, do come along and anything David Jenyns puts on, to me, he’s the marketing genius of this millennium and James Schramko is the sales guru. It’s a bit of a duel in my mind but I’ve got the benefit of both of them.

My suggestion to you is that you should go.”

What’s Next?

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Kate Luella’s Testimonial About Outsourcing Profit Machine 2 | Workshop Attendee

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