Issy Bilal’s Business Coach Review For David Jenyns – Scam Or Real Deal?

“… We’re a Melbourne-based chocolate company that consists of myself and my partner, Elizabeth. We make Australian chocolate in all different flavours. The beauty about is it is all made by us, packed by us, and we’re just really trying to let the whole of Australia really know where they can buy our chocolate. The thing for us now is to try and work with someone who is going to help us find that reach.

… A lot more people now are actually starting to use the online stores and online facilities. We really relied on ourselves to go out there and sell to stores. Also now that we’ve incorporated an online shop, we’ve found that SEO is the fundamental thing that you have to have. I kept on looking at different consultants and seeing what they can do and getting really confused.

I stumbled across your site and was absolutely amazed by all the testimonials that people had to give and what they said about you.

… The thing is it is good to have that one-on-one coming and seeing that you do exist and that you really do have a valuable resource of information and a great technical mind to solve things. You look at someone’s situation and say, I’ve got great strategies here and sometimes it gets overwhelming. In our first session you gave some great strategies and I thought, if we did all this, I could retire tomorrow.

'You really do have a valuable resource of information and a great technical mind to solve things.'

‘You really do have a valuable resource of information and a great technical mind to solve things.’

It’s about working together and looking at putting a plan together and getting that side of the business right.

… You had some great people giving you some amazing feedback and two, you’re based in Melbourne which is a great thing. Also, your consultation is very reasonable, compared to what others are trying to hit you for and you think, this is just going to be via email or online or over the phone, the beauty is it was a great fee.

The thing is you give so much more. I think that was a very important thing. We can actually call you and talk to you and I will be bugging you a great deal more.

… It was easy to actually call through. That’s what I did, I called. I spoke to Gillian first and I told her our situation and then we wanted to talk a little bit more about organizing a consultation. The next thing was you actually called me on the phone directly. That caught me off guard, I was thinking you sound like the guy on the video too. That was the easy part.

From there it was the questionnaire which really gave us some idea of what you expected from us to know a little bit about our business and to capture the right insight, where our market is, where we are heading. From there, the consultation worked out really well.

… I’ve got a marketing background. I can develop things like ideas but over the years I’ve just found it hard to keep it simple and focus. Just in that session alone you brought some great ideas up and you said, if you narrow it, you’ll find that your work will give you more back. Just over the two weeks I did that. I narrowed things down, I went and saw the right people and it is really that easy. But you need someone to tell you. So that’s where you come in.

… This is the first time I’ve done a video. I’m starting to like it. You need to take action. If you don’t take action you stay stagnant. That’s the way we were. Are we happy the way we were? Do you want to work with someone overseas or do you want to work with someone local? I always prefer to have someone at hand, local, who I can raise a question to and work closely with. We were very fortunate that you were here.

Even on that point, you allow direct online. Firstly, pick up the phone, call someone. If it’s about SEO, I can’t stress more from the first session, that’s why I got excited and did something about it and started to work. The things that are coming ahead I’m even more excited about. People need to do something. Even call, even call to speak to you, to your team to get some insight. I think often people think cost, because they’re seeing every other SEO charge thousands upon thousands. It’s not necessarily that. You could just call and actually get some advice that will help you plan better.

That’s what you’re about. You’re about and seeing what they may need from you. They don’t need every single service but they need littler bits and pieces and you can give them a guide as to how they can make their business that much better. That’s what we’re looking for. We will do things ourselves but there are parts of it we will handball to you to run with and kick a goal, a big goal.”

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A testimonial on David Jenyns by Issy Bilal | Consulting Client

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