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George Germanos

‘We had our leads doubled and tripled and it just basically escalated from there.’

“…Basically our firm is a accounting and chartered accountants in Sydney. We serve the Sydney Southwest and outer city metro area. Our point of difference is that we aren’t just normal accountants and tax agents and construct financial reports, we concentrate on the business advisory side of things. So what we try to do is we step in to your business ownership and from there we try to excel and grow the business the way see it every year that we go forward, we’re moving backwards, so that’s a bit about us. 

…Our biggest hesitation was that we figured who would want to seek for an accountant or business advise online. A lot of people began to trust friends, customer suppliers. What was happening was we had so much hesitation that it was a bit plunge taking up your services. I guess what sold us was your confidence. You were just overly confident that you would get us at 1 or 2 even if few months into the project we still hesitated but it was still your confidence that sold us and I guess a few months into the project we keep analyzing results and we’re very critical and basically every few weeks or months we would call you and you were still confident and sure enough what end up happening was result did start flowing through so thankfully we’ve signed up a few larger businesses, larger clients, SEO has paid up for it so I’m very happy with the results so far.

…Its been fantastic. The good thing is there’s a lot of people who know and understand your whole business so there’s never feel limited to one person if someone is off, you just call the next person, there’s virtually whole team of people working on the case which is fantastic cause its not one man band, and you can see the knowledge from many different areas from many different people are coming in just to help and develop your business.

…Thankfully, with your team, we were able to rethink our marketing strategy in order to attract those clients through the website.

…We had our leads doubled and tripled and it just basically escalated from there. …Then we start on improving and developing those, from doing just basic SEO to moving on to content optimisation, videos, images, then the whole array of things. For example, front page was re-designed to attract people to click through. I guess the whole overall thing is not about SEO, and the one concentrating only on SEO is making a mistake. We were originally concentrating on SEO because our aim is to get to number one in Google, and sure enough we did get to number 1 in Google example or number 2 in Google for accountants Sydney, which is a major term but what we soon realize was that was just we’re number two in Google doesn’t mean that we’re gonna get the leads. Sure, the number of leads improved but we got high bounce rate, now that we’ve got position, its beyond SEO now, its overall marketing strategy where now we bring down the bounce rate and increase the quality of our leads which is absolutely fantastic. alliance accounting logo

…I did my research, went through multiple SEO companies and funny enough, Melbourne SEO was the one that kept being brought up… another SEO company recommending you to me, so that’s a funny story but your competition even looks up to you. And through a bit of market research and looking up you guys, I mean you’re very well known company, look quite reputable, people come up for you for training and development so that’s what gave me the confidence to also go ahead. There are a lot of bold promises, the only thing is that you have to I guess not look at companies that are just promising first page results in Google cause that’s not enough. You need to look at a company who promises you for example, return on investment. And in the end, were not gonna pay a dollar or ten dollars if were not gonna make anything, we want to pay a dollar or ten dollars to make twenty dollars and that’s what your firm provided. That’s the confidence that we got and that’s other potential clients need to look for when they’re looking for an SEO company.

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David Jenyns Testimonial by George Germanos | SEO Client

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