SEO Coach Review By Geoff Trabant

“… Well it really started when I just came to work with you Dave and I wondered what is SEO. I knew I needed a marketing team for my business because being an online bookkeeper I just need that aspect taken care of for me because I want to spend my time doing the bookkeeping. I asked Dave, what do you guys do? Pretty much it was looking to get a high Google ranking which I thing everyone looks towards.

"I really just thought you know what you’re talking about."

‘I really just thought you know what you’re talking about.’

You started talking and I realized I needed a bit of help in this area so we arranged a consult. We took it from there.

… I think for me it’s just action plan. I just need these steps outlined to me when I need to do them. Like most business owners, I get caught up in my own business a little bit and I need to step back and say, well, what is the next thing I need to do to help market my business in terms of online presence as well? I look to you for that and you’ve just got my back.

… When I started with you Dave it was pretty much me, seeking out what you did. As soon as I knew, I really just thought you know what you’re talking about. I need to work with you because I want my business to succeed. I just looked to you for guidance and I really pushed it from there because I could see you knew what you were doing. I need that person on my team. I haven’t looked back.”

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An SEO Coach Review by Geoff Trabant | Consulting Client

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