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“…It was a referral.

 I’ve been dealing with SEO for the last eight years or so. I have had dealings with probably about eight different SEO companies in that period. With the exception of perhaps two, I have found that in general they oversell and under deliver. Very often in the initial conversation or in the initial sell, what they’re trying to do is they just want to get you on board as a client.

…They’re not really interested in your outcomes. They’re interested in their outcomes. The services that they provide very often are non differentiated, very generic, automated type of services that they can do at a very low cost. They just want a subscription and so on. There is definitely a category of SEO operators out there. As a result of that, we did our own in house SEO for many years and that was very successful. In our category we had the top three search results for a hundred keywords that we had defined on average for many years. That was great.

Then the thing has changed quite a lot. The pace of change in SEO has made it very difficult for anyone who is not totally focused on all of that to maintain their proficiency in this rapidly changing world. There is just so much information to go through, so many changes that have to be applied. We found ourselves doing changes and then by the time we’d finished them across a site which is about five thousand pages, things had changed again and we just couldn’t keep up. We needed to come up with a better way. Then I started talking to different people again and that’s when I ran into you.

You were scrupulously honest in your appraisal of what my situation was.

‘You were scrupulously honest in your appraisal of what my situation was.’

“You were scrupulously honest in your appraisal of what my situation was.”

I’m very skeptical having had this sort of background with various different SEO companies. There are only a few who really know what they’re talking about. You came very highly recommended. It was quite a different sort of approach to things the way you
dealt with it.

I thought that’s why it might be interesting or different to have a call like this. I think we decided that for us to do the SEO as it needed to be wasn’t going to be the right fit. It’s where we said, look we’re not the right fit for you and we just talked about the strategies though that you could implement. I know you’ve headed in a new direction now as a result.

…Correct, that’s exactly right. That was quite an unusual and refreshing change for me, rather than the hard sell all the time. I definitely appreciated that because that is the way I tackle it. If there is no win-win, then you don’t go ahead.

The fact is, SEO isn’t right for everybody. It depends on what you’re looking to achieve and those things, now that the game has starting to change. It’s finding the right person who can give you the right advice to say yes or no. That’s why we fit so well because you sell and approach business in the same way with your marketing and with the way that you do your consulting. You’re not right for everybody but those who you are right for, you can get a really great result.

I think maybe in the tail end, someone who is thinking about working with us, I know you haven’t had the experience of working directly with us on SEO but you’ve definitely been working closely with us and chatting a few times. Someone who hasn’t taken that step and is listening to this call, is there anything that you can say to them? It’s always a bit of a step to go, yes, I’m going to pick up the phone and call someone. It’s that leap of faith. I don’t know if there is anything you might be able to say to someone thinking about it.

…I would say that the thing that struck me about working with you David was the fact that you were scrupulously honest in your appraisal of what my situation was. When you couldn’t help, you said to me, I don’t think that it’s worth your while doing this because it’s not going to have the desired effect.

I suggest you do this, but you could do this yourself. We could help you, you offered the options, you made it easy for me to understand the range of options that I had. You put me under virtually no pressure at all to come on board with you which was something which was different for me.

So I’d say to anybody contemplating, that you would get a very honest, in my view, appraisal of what your business outcomes could be in either direction or whichever direction. That’s very useful and very refreshing. Then you’re in a position to make a rational decision.

… I’m more focused on a bigger picture than just the internet. I’m more focused on maximizing outcomes for a business in general. That depends on a lot of different things that are going on in the business, what that really means. I work with clients to help them ultimately grow their business and reduce the amount of effort and time that they personally have to put into it.

Anybody who wants to call me up and just google me, Evan Rubenstein. I think googling me would be the best thing. You will find my contact details there. And of course if anyone needs any help with their online marketing and SEO, then Melbourne SEO Services might be the right fit for you. I think the first thing we need to do is chat. ”

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