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“… I’m a professional photographer and I live in a small town just north of Newcastle. Basically we photograph families in a unique and special way. We do unposed photographs of kids and families running on the beach and just being themselves. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last ten years or so. I’ve been a professional photographer for about ten years.

I met Dave at a conference in Sydney about a year ago and called him up and basically begged him to coach me and it’s been awesome. I just want to thank you Dave for what you’ve done.

… Probably the main reason was I realized I was the bottle neck in my business. It revolved around me. I had to be doing everything in my business. I was marketing, I was photographing, I was meeting with customers, I was selling them the prints, I was doing the production, getting the images printed and framed and showing it to the customers, doing basically everything. If something happened to me, there was no business, there was no income. So I was looking for a way to make residual income or income that did not depend on my time. That’s why I contacted you to figure out a way of putting in the energy upfront and then having a long term benefit down the road.

… Firstly, I connected with you Dave. You seemed a lot like me, that’s probably the biggest thing. The other reason I chose you was you were real. You weren’t all fluff and nothing behind, no getting things done. You’ve had a lot of successes in your business career and in your personal life and in the martial arts that you do. So yes, there were quite a few different reasons. Probably those are the main ones, just being real and I could relate to you and you seemed to be honest and you are honest. Basically you do what you say.

… I made a couple of notes here just before we started talking of all the different things that have changed in my business over the last six or eight months since we started working. Firstly we mapped out my business and where the money is coming in, where the customers are coming in, how they’re flowing through my business and possibly where I could be losing customers or losing money. How I can maximize the customer experience and also maximize my time dealing with customers and maximize the money that they spend in my business, in my CaptureImaging photography business.

But we’ve also looked at a totally different business model, which is the photography training business, which I’ve been working on with you in the background. I’m starting to put together photography videos, training videos on how to take better photos for the general public and for professional photographers. We’ve been mapping out that business at the same time as keeping my current business running, making sure that everything goes smoothly.

We’ve even put in a few processes that have saved us basically a huge amount of money and time. One of them is outsourcing. I’ve actually, with your help Dave, we’ve hired someone in another country, in the Philippines, to do a lot of our editing work. We used to do it all in house and it was another bottle neck in my business. We’ve got someone. We used your systems to find them and it has been probably just a lifesaver for us. We’ve saved thousands by doing that.

Also quite a few other little things have happened. With your help, I’ve started mentoring another photographer who has just started their photography business and I’m helping them with the systems that you and I have worked on to get their business up and running. That has been going really well. I don’t know if you want me to elaborate a little bit more on that.

… I’m dealing with them on a weekly basis. They’re quite early in their business where you and I talk every two weeks or three weeks depending on how much time I have to do the things that you give me between talks. I can see why you coach because it’s a great feeling when you’re actually helping someone with your knowledge and your experience. I love it.

Another thing that you’ve helped me with Dave, is overcome one of my biggest fears and that is talking on video and just being on the other side of the camera. I’m quite comfortable being on the back side of the camera where I’m taking the photos but being on the other side and actually making videos, that was a huge fear. I’d make every excuse not to do them. Now I’m actually doing them and enjoying it and getting the word out to my customers. It seems to be working because people come into our studio and they say, hey yes, I’ve seen your videos. We know who you are, we’re really connecting with you. It’s a lot easier to get people through the funnel and into our business.

… that’s what I really appreciate about our coaching time together is because you are real. You tell me how you see it. You don’t necessarily tell me what I want to hear, you tell me how you see it from your experience. That’s saved me from going in a totally wrong direction, which was just a huge benefit for me.

'That’s what I really appreciate about our coaching time together is because you are real. You tell me how you see it.'

‘That’s what I really appreciate about our coaching time together is because you are real. You tell me how you see it.’

Also another thing about coaching is it’s not necessarily you coming up with all the ideas. It’s me bouncing things off you. So what I’ll do, I’ll say well, I’ve got all these ideas, you’re the sound board. I’ll say, what about this? Today I went through a new marketing strategy and I said, Dave, shoot holes in this, if you can. Ok, this is what I’m going to do, this, blah, blah, blah. You come back and you say, well, how about this? Oh, yes, ok, maybe I didn’t think about that or this is the reason I’m doing that.
So it’s really good to have someone you can talk to who has no financial gain out of whichever way you go. You’re there to help me and that’s what I like about it.

… the Facebook contest that we ran, which you helped me with, you ran through the concept and made sure there were not holes in it, went viral just like we hoped it would. It basically added about three thousand new ‘likes’ to my facebook page, which tripled the number of people who were watching me.

… That’s one of the successes that we’ve had with the viral marketing thing. But you’ve also helped me in running through the marketing, my traditional marketing that I do with photography, it’s called third party marketing. You’ve tried to help me find ways how I can be more effective with what I’m already doing. That’s helped a lot obviously.

Another thing also maybe the viewers should know is even though you’re my mentor, I consider you to be a friend too. We joke a little bit and it’s not all business all the time. Obviously we help each other but a lot of the time it’s just having someone to talk to sometimes.

… For me as a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to find people when everyone is working for you and maybe people are potential leads, it’s hard to be real sometimes and have someone you can just talk to and say what about this and can you help me with this? That’s another benefit I see of having a mentor.

… Well, what I can say is, calling up that day, because it wasn’t easy for me to call you, I considered you to be this person that is up here, super smart and super successful. Sometimes it is a little tough to say, should I call them because maybe they will just look down at me. But you aren’t like that. You’re a cool guy, you’re a real person. Having you as a mentor has probably been the best thing I’ve done in the last year in my business. I’ve done a lot of things and I’m a go-getter. I’ve got a thousand things on the go at any given time, just like you. But I think having a mentor has been the best thing in the last twelve months that I’ve done in my business, for sure.

I’d say, call Dave up and call up Melbourne SEO Services because they’re real. Don’t worry possibly having someone talk down to you, because they won’t. They’re good guys.”

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A Testimonial on David Jenyns by Brent Mail | Coaching Client

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