Outsource Profit Machine Review by Anthony Sharp

“I really enjoyed the presenters today. There’s been a vast knowledge base that we’ve been able to tap into purely by being here as an audience member. There have been a great number of subjects covered. I think the main thing is it’s going to be hard to take all that in but the great part will be going away and getting the videos and really taking all that in and being able to digest it at home. So I really enjoyed it.

The biggest takeaway I think I’ve had today is, I suppose it depends on where you’re at with your business and what you’re looking for. For us at the moment we’re in the throes of hiring some additional help for our offices. I think it’s that point of working through the interview process and doing some of those things there.

'The amount of knowledge you can pull from this, even just one of these points is great.'

‘The amount of knowledge you can pull from this, even just one of these points, is great.’

At the moment, a couple of the key takeaways we got were how to write a proper brief for a job application, how to find those A players and how to weed out systematically so that you’re left with a very small number of key candidates who you can then start the interview process with. It cuts down on your time, it gets the right type of workers for your business, it’s really fantastic.

If you’re thinking of attending a Melbourne SEO Services workshop in the future, I would recommend just to do it. The amount of knowledge you can pull from this, even just one of these points is great. Some of the gold nuggets as they say that they do drop, just one of those alone, if that changes your business, and gives you the kick start you need, that’s been more than worth it. But the fact is there is a whole plethora of material that we’ve picked up. We’re changing our whole business model now to get in line with what these guys are saying.

I would definitely recommend to get on board and come along to one. It’s very cheap and very good value for money.”

What’s Next?

Outsourcing can change the way your daily business operations are done. If you want additional information on this, click  here.

Outsource Profit Machine Review From Anthony Sharp | Workshop Attendee

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