Alison Rothwell Reviews David Jenyns – Online Marketing Coach

“I’ve been working with Dave for almost a year now. I started working with Dave because I wanted a very specific kind of coach. I needed someone to work with me on a strategic level to develop my online marketing business. I wanted to be shown a much easier path to follow because I was finding it very hard to develop the business, look after the clients, work on my own development, keep all the balls in the air.

I’ve got great results from working with Dave. It’s been hard at times when he’s gently pushed me the right way. It’s been a really great and enjoyable business and he’s almost like an unpaid business partner for me now. He works very strategically on my business, helping me develop it all the time.

Alison Rothwell

‘Helped in a number of ways that go beyond simple coaching.’

I think it’s about having a clear direction to the business because I see many different things that I want to do every day but I haven’t necessarily before we started working together been doing the right things every day, to take me along the right path. Having sessions where I was coached a couple of times a month, and knowing that I had to get everything done by the time that I spoke to Dave, or he’d ask what the problem was, was a really good motivator.

Dave has helped in a number of ways that go beyond simple coaching – helping me develop my confidence in managing difficult clients for example, working on the problems in my business. My mindset as well has really changed since I’ve worked with Dave because he has made me feel so much more positive and so much more confident in my business and what I’m doing. It’s very easy for a coach to give you a list of things to do and boxes to tick but to have the personal support is not that common.

I can remember being really desperate that Dave would want to work with me. That was great because we got to find out then if it would be what we were both looking for. That was really helpful. If you’re in the same position, I would basically say get in touch with Dave and have that call with him and find out whether this is going to be right for you and find out whether this is going to be as good for you business as it has been for mine. Working with him and his input has helped me to raise my vision for the business, and give me a real sense of strategic direction. It’s been really good.”

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A review of David Jenyns by Alison Rothwell | Coaching Client

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