Business Coach David Jenyns Review By Jenny Ower

“… We make organic cotton luxury bed linen. We’ve done that for probably eleven, twelve years now. We’ve had a website since about 2005 and a newer website since 2007. So our main path to marketers is selling our bed linen online through Australia and New Zealand and then other countries as well.

… To be honest, as a small business owner, you have to be good at everything. Unfortunately, I guess not knowing exactly what we could do was holding us back. I think we’ve got a great website but we just need to get it out there to more and more people. We were using Google Adwords which I think is actually a really good investment but there are some things which actually after our chat with you, there are so many things that we can do now that we’re really excited about.

I think, for us, the hindrance was not having the knowledge, not having a clear path as to what to do to get the volume up to get more and more people to see our site.

'I just feel that you have got a great way with your customers and you've got such an amazing knowledge base.'

‘I just feel that you have got a great way with your customers and you’ve got such an amazing knowledge base.’

… My father is a passionate researcher and he has been tracking you online for a while and has seen some of your videos. He introduced me to your videos online and so I watched some of the testimonials. What really worked for me was hearing you say, ‘look, this may not be for you, I might not be the right person. Please check it out and see some of the testimonials.’

I think having found you and then having had a couple of sessions, I really feel like we’ve got a clear direction now. I feel like the information that you’ve given us is huge. I just feel that you have got a great way with your customers and you have got such an amazing knowledge base that I’m looking forward to implementing what we’ve got so far and then coming back to see you for some more.

… I think we got more than we expected. I was really pleased with the value for money. I think jumping online and being able to see your screen as you were explaining to the both of us in separate locations what we could do was good. You had done your homework and our research and you’d figured out where we were up to and had some really great suggestions. So not only could we see you online and your screen, we could hear what you were suggesting. You were taking notes and recording it as well.

So I got a lot more than I expected. For us now to be able to go back over that call, that recording regularly is such a bonus. It feels like you’ve done so much research and you’ve got so much knowledge about what the next question will be from each customer, you’ve got the answer ready and you’ve got the sessions ready. Having the follow up recap call a week later is just brilliant. So I appreciate the way you’ve handled this, that’s great.

… I can see the better our website gets, the more volume there is, there’s obviously more cash flow to go round and round and that is such a positive thing. You just want more and more of that. I think as we expand everything expands and so the concept of just being able to get better and better with regular conversations with you and your team, I think is quite exciting. I think everybody gets to expand.

… I guess we’re all time poor. For me, to watch a couple of the testimonials was a biggie. I think that really settled me down. I think trusting your gut instincts in who you are David, I think that everyone has an instinct about somebody. I think that given what you’ve told us now and what notes we’ve got and the list we’ve got to go to now, it’s like that was a good instinct. I guess time will tell but I’m really positive this has been the right thing to do.”

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David Jenyns Review From Jenny Ower | Consulting Client

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