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“…Because you had been so open in the videos talking about the things that other people turn into ebooks and make money, it was a pretty easy step for me to go ahead and just click the Buy Now button.

… You don’t only have The SEO Method as download and a video coaching program but you also do the outsourcing. That was actually the second course I bought as well and I’m now going to do exactly that. I’m looking to outsource and outsourcing to the Philippines so when your workshop came up in the Philippines that was obviously on SEO, it was just the perfect combination for me to go check out what you talking about with SEO.

'I would recommend anyone who is looking for help'

‘I would recommend anyone who is looking for help’

…There are two major things that I’ve learned from working with you and working with your material and with the consulting sessions that we had. One thing is that I am more focused on the things that actually matter most and drive the business. The second thing is to have everything in a systemized way that keeps control of everything. I know that I just set the system up once and then I keep adding things to it. It keeps automatically growing without me necessarily having to part of all the details happening in my business.

… there is no doubt that you are living the things that you teach. I’ve seen it in the videos, I’ve seen it in the Philippines at the workshop. You’ve already built a business, you know how to build a business and you know how to put a system into place, how to manage the people. There is absolutely no doubt that I would recommend anyone who is looking for help to either grow their business or who maybe needs help with SEO services or wants to learn how to outsource to the Philippines.

You do this work every day and you can see it and I can see it and it is just the way that you actually make people aware of things that they might just overlook because they maybe focus on the wrong end or don’t have a proper goal in place. There is nobody who would not benefit from having someone like you looking over their shoulder and giving them a third party opinion. It is good to have that outside view to give them that little extra edge which is definitely going to make a big difference for anyone who is in business I think.”

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