Online Video Marketing Review By Steve Ovens

“We help people with getting their business online and with launching products and services online. We use video a lot, or we’re using video more and more. I came here today because we just weren’t getting the results that we really wanted to see with the videos we were making for our clients. I knew that there was a better way to do it and that’s why I came along today to learn that.

The best thing I’ve learned so far today is how to compose what looks like really a seamless video presentation from a number of separate takes. How to be able to recompose that back into a very professional looking outcome video using simple tools and techniques. So the best thing I guess I got out of today is I don’t need to spend a whole lot of money, I can put together a very simple set up that will also be quite effective just using simple tools that I’ve already got.

‘It’s the best six hours you could spend…It’s awesome.’

‘It’s the best six hours you could spend…It’s awesome.’

One of the things I really enjoy about coming to Dave’s workshops is that he always shows you exactly what he’s doing in his own business. He’s very transparent and open. He’s got this guy ion his team, Ben McEwing who has done his video work and has really helped Dave raise the standard of his videos. Dave has very generously brought Ben in to share all of his techniques and tips and secrets with us. Ben brings that same ethos into what he’s doing. He’s just really been very open and transparent and just shared all the good material with us. So he’s showing things that work today and things that he is using today. So it’s great.

If you’re thinking about coming and learning about web video, then I would give this my strongest endorsement. Really this was just all of the information you need, none of the fluff. It was exactly what you need to be able to put a video together, edit it down and make it look really professional, using simple tools and create a really professional, polished finished product. It fits into a day and probably on DVD it will be the best six hours you could spend. It’s awesome.

I’d like to say thank you to Dave and Ben for putting the day on and really for just sharing all this material with us. It’s just fantastic. I know it’s going to help me take my business and help my clients take their businesses to the next level. So thanks very much guys, it’s great.”

What’s Next?

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Online Video Marketing Review From Steve Ovens | Workshop Attendee

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