Web Video Training Review By Katey Shaw

“I was brought here today by a good friend who happens to be running the workshop called Pete Williams. I wanted to learn more about video and how it could benefit businesses better. As a job, I am a virtual assistant who specializes in online marketing. So I was looking for better tools to help people in their businesses because video is the way to go.

Really I’m all about resources. I’m quite the, I guess, human Google of resources and automating things and making things easier and cheaper especially in the online space. So finding things like, I think it’s called Animoto or something like that, Xtranormal and the best tool of all VideoHive just to do video introductions have just been amazing tools.

'It’s overload of information. My head is exploding with ideas.'

‘It’s overload of information. My head is exploding with ideas.’

How I’m going to apply these tools in my business is, I’ve recently launched a site called OutsourcingQueen.com which is an amazing resource to help people automate their business better by outsourcing and using tools that are in the Cloud. So I’m going to blog and refer back to these wonderful people and just use the information I’ve learnt here to help people educate better on how to run a business better online.

Ben and Dave are just wonderful dudes. What can you say? We don’t want to explode their heads, so I don’t think I should do this on a video testimonial because they’ll probably watch it at some stage. They’re just wonderful people and they’re there to help you. It’s overload of information. My head is exploding with ideas.

If you ever come to one of their workshops, you’ll be full of information, great resources, and you’ll be able to implement them straight away. Go for it, you’ll learn heaps. It’s an amazing tool. If you want to get this course, I would highly recommend it. I’ll probably even put it on my site once it comes out, as a resource tool.”

What’s next?

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Lights, Camera, Profits Review From Katey Shaw | Workshop Attendee

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