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“As we’re an online store, we suffer from the problem that we don’t have a shop that people can actually walk into and look at and touch the products that we stock. Also the fact that what we do stock, we’re specialists in modern, reusable cloth nappies, they’re not widely available in the marketplace. So people don’t often see them in real life.

Videos therefore are really the next best thing to real life. We get emails from people everyday asking us questions about modern cloth nappies precisely because they’re not widely available and people haven’t necessarily seen them in real life. Being able to forward them a link to our videos which give them a visual representation, answering their questions without us having to write reams of information in an email has really been beneficial.

I found out about Melbourne Video Production through a small business blog that we follow called Small Business Big Marketing which actually has a lot of great information on it. It was really the impetus for us to do something that we’d wanted to do for a very long time.

We’d actually done a video ourselves and that really showed us that we needed to have a professional do the videos. We are a professional business even though we’re home based and online based. We really want our image to demonstrate our professionalism and our expertise. To do that we needed to find someone who was going to be able to show that about our business and Melbourne Video Production were the people.

'They learn about your business and they come up with amazing things.'

‘They learn about your business and they come up with amazing things.’

The whole process of coming in and doing the videos was a little traumatic to begin with. It’s quite confronting standing in front of the camera and the lights and everything. But Dave and Adrian were really good because they gave us some really good tips and adviceabout how to approach doing the videos. They also helped keep us calm when they nerves started to get in the way. It took longer than we thought to film one minute videos but the result was well worth it.

Dave and Adrian made a process that could have been very stressful as easy as they could. They were very professional about it. The first draft came in after a few days and needed no changes to it at all. They had done their research and the way they presented our business was fantastic, exactly what we were looking for. So it was a really quick turn around which was very impressive.

We were very happy with the outcome. Those videos really present our business the way we wanted to have it perceived out there in the marketplace. It has been fantastic. We’ve had lots of really good feedback from customers or just the general public looking at them and getting the information from them and it’s really been very helpful.

The great thing about it too is instead of spending money on doing advertising or something which only lasts for a short period of time, this is actually an asset for our business that will continue to be on our website and on our YouTube page for years to come. Hopefully they will provide information and help people out for a long time to come.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the guys at Melbourne Video Production. They’re really easy to work with and very professional. They learn about your business and they come up with amazing things. I’m really happy with the results that we’ve had.”

What’s next?

Check out how Dave and his team can provide your business a professional web video. Visit this site to do just that.

Melbourne Video Production Review by Fiona Visser | Melbourne Video Production

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