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“… I’m a psychologist and life coach so I’ve been trained and working in that field for the last fifteen years. I’m based in Sydney but I work with people around the country, whether it’s phone, face to face or email and help them resolve some things that are in the way and to help them reach their goals.

… I found you when I had begun a search that started in my head about two years ago. I suppose it evolved more seriously in the last couple of months in terms of looking to move away from the service delivery of what I do or as much service delivery because I have one young kid and another one on the way. I was looking to develop more of a business that I could run online and grow in a different way.

So in my search for options I guess I kept doing down paths that highlighted the need to do something else altogether. It was at that point that through accident really, I found the link to one of your videos, listened to it, thought, oh, this guy has been somewhere a little bit similar, though in a very different field and he’s smart. He’s got a bit of a Midas touch and a bit of energy and there was a lot about you that came through on your videos absolutely that struck a real chord for me just in terms of a good match of someone who I really wanted to talk to.

So you were next on my hit list of here’s the person I want to chat to next.

…. I watched one of your longer training videos. I sent an email through saying great content. I’m not sure it is 100% relevant to what I’m looking at doing. I think through that, I got a reply from you within less than a day and shot back a couple. I think at that point you said, if you want one on one consultation, here is the best place to go. That was great, I’ve been able to connect with you and speak with you quickly and seeing your name, you’re the director and yet I still got to speak directly to you on email. That was really good. I didn’t have someone trying to sell it who wasn’t you.

Secondly though, where you lead me to was here, check me out, I’m an open book. Look at my testimonials. To my surprise I found you’ve a couple of others on there from similar fields to me. I think one is a local psychologist, one was a coach from overseas. I did my due diligence. I emailed one of those clients.

… For some other reasons too I wanted to chat to them about a few things. Not that I was looking for reports on you at that point but I said, that was interesting because I’m considering catching up with Dave too. Everything you’ve told me is what certainly convinced me to make the call to talk to you. Go and get proof, show people that you’re someone who can be trusted, show people that you do what you say and that’s exactly what I did.

… For me the questionnaire was really helpful because the way I like to work is to really get my own thoughts clear about where I am at the moment and where do I want to be. I guess that’s how I work with clients so it was really easy for me to respond to those things. It was also really helpful though. There were some things in there that probably I hadn’t clarified that specifically in my own head. I had more of a vague picture of what I wanted.

So some of the questions even got me thinking in some good ways, about that’s true, what exactly do I want and what do I want exactly form this conversation and things like that. That was really helpful. It wasn’t onerous. I probably over shared because I really wanted to give a fair bit of detail and it was easy.

I could tell from the way you started the call and you had already planned our call that you had read it, you got it, you took some really key messages out of it and that worked really well. It was a good starting point. If you had you not done the questionnaire I think that whole conversation would have taken three or four hours instead of one and a half or whatever it was.

… I got heaps of takeaways, heaps. I remember saying to my husband when he got home that night, I hadn’t told him I’d booked it because I thought he was going to kill me for the money spent. I told him that night and I said, that was without doubt the best money I’ve spent on growing the business to this point. I really did mean that. I genuinely thought that.

'That was without doubt the best money I’ve spent on growing the business to this point.'

‘That was without doubt the best money I’ve spent on growing the business to this point.’

I guess the takeaways for me were number one that even though I had been considering leaving my business and doing something new entirely, it wasn’t because I hated my business, in fact I quite like it, it’s because I couldn’t see the possibility as to how I could move it elsewhere.

I remember saying in my expectations, what I would love is if you can help me clarify a plan and even the hows of being able to somehow stay within what I do or at least know that there are no other options if I have to leave it. You said, no, you have heaps of options. That was a really big takeaway.

The way to grow it, getting a business mind and somebody objective being able to map it all out visually and saying, look, this is obviously where I see you could take it. That mapping work was extremely vital. I’ve referred back to that picture probably twenty times so far and scribbled notes all over it. I think were a lot of clarifying things that I just didn’t know: how to market it or where to sell the product or whether or not to put time into what kind of marketing, whether or not social media is necessary right now.

It wasn’t just a map, it was also, these are the steps you should take. Step one, do this, step two and that has probably been one of the most helpful things, this very clear sense of here is what you need to do.

… As I said, I’ve already been down the path of talking to quite a few people, speaking with some possible mentors. I certainly hadn’t engaged any but the message I was getting from a lot of people was either, yes, this is all totally possible and you can make a fortune and you can retire by the time you’re fifty. So it just wasn’t believable. Or I was getting things like I just don’t think it’s worth it. It’s a really hard slog.

So what was really great was, it’s not like you sugar coated it. You said, here’s what you’re going to have to do. It’s not going to happen overnight and this is how much time realistically it’s probably going to take. But at the same time you didn’t prescribe that. You said, you need to figure out exactly what you want the end result to look like, with your end game in mind. It’s not going to happen in two days. That was honest and refreshing and I knew that.

… I couldn’t fault, and that is genuine, I couldn’t fault either your time and effort and advice, the kind of follow up – I had some quick messages with Jill to organize things and I just couldn’t fault it. It was quite literally worth every cent. It took maybe half a week to a week to hit the yes, I’ll take the consultation with Dave button. Like I said, my husband is not a scary man, but I still wasn’t willing to tell him I’d invested the money. After doing it I was full of rave and I said to him, you need to do this for your business.

So I’ll definitely be back in touch with you, maybe six months down the track or something when I’ve put a few of those runs on the board. My advice to anybody else is do it.”

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A business coach review on David Jenyns by Debbie Fear | Consulting Client

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