Nick Edwards The SEO Method 3 Review

'You can tell he’s just got so much knowledge'

‘You can tell he’s just got so much knowledge’

“It [the workshop – Ed.] absolutely has [met expectation – Ed.]. A lot of information. It actually covered the full spectrum. Everything you need is there and delivered very, very effectively with a lot of resources as well so I can go out and use them later on. I’ve got pages of notes with action steps. I’m actually really keen to go and take action right now.”

Dave is “a very good presenter. An absolute wealth of knowledge there. You can tell he’s just got so much knowledge to get out. He delivers it in a very clear way and it’s very easy to follow despite there being a massive amount of information. I’m actually finding I’m absorbing it all and have the resources to go and use it.”

What’s Next?

Do you want to get the invaluable insights Dave shared in the SEO Method  3 workshop? Drop by this page and see how you can do so.

David Jenyns Feedback By Nick Edwards | Workshop Attendee

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