Tim Reid’s Web Video Workshop Review

“Video marketing is just getting talked about more and more. Every day you see when you do a Google search, you see video results coming to the top. It clearly is an opportunity for small businesses to market themselves cost effectively with high impact. That’s what I’m all about, so the more I can learn the better about it.

The best thing I’ve learnt today is learning all about editing iMovie; it’s really interesting. It’s a massive time suck and it is something I’m going to outsource. But I think in order for me to be able to outsource it, I now have a better understanding of it. Also just learning how to optimize your videos. I’ve been uploading a lot of video to YouTube but actually not going and spending the time optimizing tags, headline, subheads, copy and making sure that it is keyword rich, so that when people are searching for videos around the content that I offer, that I come up to number one.

'Getting this course is a no-brainer.’

‘Getting this course is a no-brainer.’

Dave and Ben are interesting cats. If Pete and Dave are Tweedledum and Tweeldledee, then I’ll put Dave and Ben as maybe two of the Three Stooges. Ben is very into the creativity of video and Dave very much into the optimizing of video. So they’re a great combination of people to share that concept of video marketing.

What I learnt today is going to really change my business in a couple of ways. Most importantly it’s going to allow me to both use video marketing more effectively for my business and to share with my clients how to use it very effectively. Not just creating videos but actually creating videos that are going to work, that have a structure, that get optimized for Google and for YouTube.

Video marketing has come a long way. Ten years ago people had to spend thousands of dollars to get ‘the corporate video’. Now it’s about pumping video content out there and sharing what you have. FAQs, Q&As, testimonials, how tos and actually getting material out there adds value to your prospects and your customers’ experience. Video is just a great way of doing it. I’m going to make sure that it becomes a key link in my marketing and my business.

Getting a copy of this course is a no-brainer. I don’t know of any other video marketing courses that are out there that are going to explain it in such simple terms. It’s not a big decision guys, just get it because you’re going to be so far ahead of your competition in what you’re going to learn from it, that it’s going to be money well spent. You should see it returned in multiples.”

What’s Next?

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Web Video Workshop Review by Tim Reid | Workshop Attendee

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