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“… I am a physician. I reside in the United States, I’m here actually in Wisconsin. I am trained in pathology which is the practice of laboratory medicine which I basically worked in for fifteen years. I left that and started my own business. I actually have my own solo medical practice. My area of interest and expertise is in bio identical hormone balancing and medically managed weight loss, the focus of both of those being reduction of risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer and other chronic disease.

About two years ago, actually almost three years ago I got very interested in internet marketing of information products. I started attending some courses. My first course I think was in February of 2010 and it just lit me up. It was just so interesting and exciting and the possibility of being able to put information products together that could potentially help everywhere, not just in my little community was very intriguing to me.

So I started going to multiple courses and doing a lot of online work. Over the last two years I have done a little bit of hodge podge, a little bit here, a little bit there, just trying to get a grasp on the complicated world of internet marketing and how search engine optimization works and so on. At least for me, it’s pretty complicated.

… The first course that I took led to the second one and the second one to the third one. I think the biggest revelation for me was finally when one of the courses led me to Market Samurai. That’s when I heard your presentation on Market Samurai about outsourcing and Pete Williams’ presentation on content leverage. Those two presentations made a tremendous impact on me.

Throughout the journey I kept keeping track of names of people to look up on YouTube and look up their websites and read their material and listen. I’m on iTunes all the time listening to podcasts and listening to audio books. So I had an extremely long list of people who I wanted to look up. They’re all very good. There is such a variety out there, probably twenty, thirty people. I learned a lot.

Your name was on the list because of the Market Samurai course. So I remember the day that I saw your first video on YouTube and it was actually early July, the first week in July. I looked you up, found you on YouTube and saw that you had many videos. The first one I was just hooked and all I can say is that the reason I got so hooked was it seemed like the first time someone was explaining something in such a structured way. It was very comprehensive.

For me, it just really helped to have the systems and the structure. It gave me the framework in which to figure out how all of the other pieces fit into the big picture. That’s what I was struggling with the most. So the first thing obviously I watched quite a few videos on YouTube and then ended up going to Competition Crusher website and purchased the Competition Crusher workshop. I went through that in a period of maybe three days and then just had to have more.

… The first thing I did as I say, the Competition Crusher workshop and that really piqued my interest. So then I think I purchased The SEO Method 2 and then I went onto small Business Internet Marketing; Lights, Camera, Profit and then finally the Outsourcing.

… You’d laugh at me because I actually have something from your website with all of those itemized. Months ago I taped it up in my bathroom and numbered them in the order them I wanted to go through them. Every time I’m getting ready in the morning I’m looking at them. Now I know where I am and where I’m going, it’s like my road map.

Every time I made a purchase I get this wonderful email from Grace, just so personal. It didn’t seem like it was canned, it was just very personal.

'You’re not just out there teaching this, but you actually live this.'

‘You’re not just out there teaching this, but you actually live this.’

… This is really a nice business. Of course I’m looking at it and thinking, I want to do that with my business and my patients because it is just so nice to have someone reach out and make that connection with you. Obviously then when I purchased the final course which was the Outsourcing Profit Machine, then I got contact directly from the head of the show. That was the highlight of my month for sure.

… I can’t even describe how valuable it’s been because as I say, everything I’ve learned and read and it’s been a lot, this has been my sole focus of my outside learning for two years. So I’ve read a lot, listened to a lot pf people and none of them really enabled me to put things in structure and in an order, you do this first and do this first, it was very confusing.

But with your courses, particularly I think the thing that was the biggest eye opener for me was the outsourcing course. I just really learned that there is no way one person can do this on their own and the importance of bringing people in, how to find those people, how to evaluate them and bring them in and how to delegate. More importantly than that, how you create those systems, the spreadsheets and the checklists and so on so that you can track. I’ve never heard anybody else describe that and it’s how you build a business. It’s the first time I’ve come across it really.

… I’m by no means an expert in this field but I have spent two years looking at all of the lead mentors in internet marketing and SEO and so on. When I encountered you, as far as I’m concerned I’m not following anybody else. Maybe other people if they’re watching this, I would just say, you could really save a .lot of time by finding one person who you trust and who really knows their material and can guide you.

If you’re trying to follow two, three, four, ten people, there are a hundred of them out there, you’re never going to get anything done. It’s going to be very overwhelming, so for me I’m just so grateful to find somebody who I trust 100%, who clearly knows his material.

The other thing that is really important to me and that really impressed me is that you’re not just out there teaching this but you actually live this. You have a previous business in essentially The Planet 13, rock and roll clothing, selling clothing and so on. You have a second business in an extremely competitive market, the stock market. You actually got into SEO in a sideways fashion because of how excellent you were on your own SEO for your stock market trading.

I think that is one of the main things. All these other gurus out there, I’m not saying any names, a lot of them are very outstanding but I always come back to, they’re out there teaching it and teaching it but have they really had the experience of putting a real business together to sell products or to sell things online? Did they learn how to do it and then just teach it? From what I’ve seen, that is what sets you apart.

… My website is On that website I have my information. Obviously at this point that website is geared towards my local business, my medical practice, but I am going to be producing information products and books and so on that would be available globally. That’s the direction I’d like to go and that’s what you’re helping me with. So thank you for everything.”

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David Jenyns Feedback By Susan Riegg | Consulting Client

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