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“… I’ve been trying to learn the whole business thing for a while. At high school I was the technical guy. I could build websites and do that really well. It took a while to realize that it’s better for business if you hand off the technical work to other people. So the last four years or so I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts to step away from my full time job and do my own thing as a full time entrepreneur.

I came across you firstly in an interview you and Pete Williams did with Timbo and Luke on Small Business Big Marketing. That’s where I jumped on the Melbourne SEO wagon and it’s just gone from there.

… Well learning more of the technical things and then realizing it’s better to bring on your own team. Then it was how to go about that, so setting up the systems and how to hire and all those kinds of things. So just going through that process.

'I think the way that you speak about what you know, it’s a very matter of fact way.'

‘I think the way that you speak about what you know, it’s a very matter of fact way.’

… I think the way that you speak about what you know, it’s a very matter of fact way. There’s no hype or any of the showmanship I suppose that those so called experts or gurus have. It was all down to earth kind of material. So watching your videos on your website and your YouTube channel and joining your mailing list, picking up all the bits and pieces that you put out there, made me realize you know what you’re talking about. Also learning a bit of your back story and seeing where you came from, I related to a little bit of that entrepreneurial journey but you were more of the action taker and I started a bit later.

… It’s been good to know that you’ve got that back up of knowledge so you’re not going in blind. I recently came across rather a large project. If I had got it perhaps a year ago, I wouldn’t have known how to approach it. So with the OPM course in particular, knowing a better way to approach it, how to hire, how to find people and those kinds of things, that’s really helped in that respect.

… I think knowing how to approach it. I don’t want to use the term fast track, but it puts you on the right path to start with, so you’re not spending time or wasting time or energy or money on directions where you could just go down a rabbit hole and completely get lost.

You’re finding that signpost right at the start and knowing which path to take and knowing what the steps are along that road and just working toward each one individually. So you get to this point and then know what the next one is. So you can get to point one and then say, ok, there’s point two and do what you need to do to get to that one.

… Obviously you take on board as many pieces of information that you can and you look at other people, see what they’re doing. I think because you’re relatable, particularly for me, I guess we’re around the same age and all those kinds of things, that worked well for me.

If someone is thinking about hiring you, your services, just have a look at what you put out. If they’re not on your list already, that’s a really low barrier entry. There is no risk at all. That will help them learn more about you and then they’ll know if you’re someone who they want to work with.”

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