Danny Summers Offers An SEO Services Review

“… We do a lot of web design for small businesses. We also offer the suite of Internet marketing services such as SEO and email marketing and things like that. We can also sort out their other graphic design elements like branding and so on.

… I’m a web developer so I’ve got a pretty good skill set when it comes to search engine optimization and I’ve done all my research and everything. There was a lot of the off-page work that I found that I needed help with. I just realized the need and started doing my research.

… I basically googled all the capital cities. That was a good place to start. There are no real search engine optimization companies in my area except for Brisbane. I started there, went to Melbourne, had a look, you ranked number one.

… I get that call every day. ‘We can boost your rankings’, not realizing I’m a web design company myself. All my clients get targeted with it as well. They get these emails and they call me and ask are these guys any good? Can you help us?

… I think that it was more the fact that you’re probably the one site I went to when I landed, I saw a face and a person. You explained things in simple terms that anyone could understand, so I’d be comfortable sending a client there. You didn’t try to baffle them with jargon which technical people try to do, just to confuse them.

'It’s two months later now and just on Saturday we were ranking second and third for our key phrases which I’m pretty happy with.'

‘It’s two months later now and just on Saturday we were ranking second and third for our key phrases which I’m pretty happy with.’

So I was very comfortable when I went to the site. You were fully transparent. There were lots of resources up on the site and the blog was pretty good too.

… I went to the Support section on your site and filled out the form there and you emailed me the next morning and we were talking the next day. I was pretty impressed.

… It filled in a lot of gaps. It was a little bit more than just an SEO presentation as well. It covered the bigger picture of things as well. I think it’s given me a good foundation for actually offering it to clients now. I know what research I need to do initially. I know how to guide them through the process with a new site or an existing site.

… Initially I wanted to test it all out on myself before I could start offering it to clients just so I knew that it worked. Because my website is relatively new, it is only about six months old, I knew I would have a tough slug ahead of me so if you can get me ranking, you can get my clients ranking too. We did go for local web design keywords. It’s two months later now and just on Saturday we were ranking second and third for our key phrases which I’m pretty happy with. Considering it is a pretty new site, it’ not a bad feat.

… I think the main thing for me is now I can add more value to my clients. As part of my offering, I can now say that I think we’ve got the ability to deliver SEO in the best way in this area. No one else does it like this. I think it makes us very competitive and it’s a great value add for my clients and future clients.

… It’s a bit of a tricky one because you’ll come across dozens and dozens of SEO companies and as you said, picking the right one is the trick. I think get David on the phone, have a chat with him, make sure he is the right fit and everything, just give it a go. It’s not a huge risk really, I don’t think. Just go for it, I think.

… It’s worked really well for me. I’ve no regrets at all. It’s been awesome.”

What’s next?

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An SEO Services Review by Danny Summers | Corporate Client

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