Adam Lancaster Gives Business Coach David Jenyns His Review

“… I do SEO and website design for clients around the Mornington Peninsula in south-east Melbourne. I am passionate about SEO. I love what I do and I got in touch with Dave because I really wanted to make sure I had the right skills for my clients and to improve on those and start heading towards being one of the better SEOs around the Mornington Peninsula.

… so my core background is websites and that sort of thing and marketing and sales. I saw how I could put everything into one product to offer to clients and really help clients in my local area. So the problems I was having was I was getting some small wins with my SEO efforts, my self taught efforts but I wasn’t convinced that I was doing everything that I could to produce the amazing results that I wanted to get for clients. So I felt I needed further advice from a true expert like yourself.

… I went on the search. Really I was on the search just to learn of all the free resources that are out there. I’m a big believer in if you can think it, it’s been done and you can learn from someone on YouTube or reading someone’s blog or from a business coach review. This fellow kept popping up on YouTube and I found that out of everything that I’d watched, I found I trusted what he was saying and he just spoke from the heart, gave a lot. The old, well if this is what he’s giving on YouTube, what can he give me directly? So I felt I knew the fellow, and I don’t know if it was the same accent that we have from here in Melbourne, but I decided maybe I should pick up the phone, although we’re in the same industry.

… I could be seen as a competitor. I think my first comment was you might be a person similar to me who understands there is plenty of work out there and yes, that’s me.

… I really thought when I’d watched so many and then finally the penny dropped that he was available as a consultant, I got quite excited about that. My first thought was, oh, in my situation we’re similar, but if you guys are watching this video, I just figure that worst I can do is pick up the phone and he can hang up on me. That could be the worst that could happen or the best thing that could happen is this, where I’m going to get the information that I think I need. Wow, I have, and it has really, really helped me in my business.

… I was really happy with the process. Simple things like having recorded sessions so you can go back and pick up on anything that you didn’t feel that quite dropped with you or just to simply be able to go back and watch it over and over again to really get it embedded in your mind and it’s what you’ve paid for. You’ve got it there to refer back to at any stage.

Again, just the openness and transparency. There’s possible some skepticism in thinking that someone who is so good at something might not want to give you all the secrets, but that’s not how I feel about Dave at all now. Within the first session, I realized although you think they’re secrets, they’re not, you just don’t know them yet. He’s there to teach you and there are no secrets with Dave.

'He’s there to teach you and there are no secrets with Dave.'

‘He’s there to teach you and there are no secrets with Dave.’

… One of my best clients, Emma and Tom’s fruit juice, I got them ranked incredibly quickly for Best Fruit Juice which made me look pretty good to my clients. Other clients, a lot of the results had maybe plateaued for a month or so where I started thinking, I need to get some really good education here. They started leaping up the ranks or came back to where I’d previously got them and I was a bit confused about why they had come up the ranks and then dropped away.

… Everything has a cost and what I put it down to is for myself, I went through uni and it cost a fair few thousand dollars a year. I reckon I got more information out of Dave, more learning from working with Dave in a far quicker period than a year, for far less than thousands and thousands of dollars.

I frequently said to my wife, I’m so happy to have spent this money. It’s going to come back tenfold in time with what I’ve learned.

… For me, clearly I will always look back at my training with yourself as that springboard I needed to feel that I know what I’m doing, really, truly know what I’m doing. It’s been very important information that I’ve learned. It’s really given me a whole lot of confidence in what I do.

… If you’ve watched this video, this far in, we’ve been a few minutes here, you’re obviously thinking about it, so stop watching this video, pick up the phone and speak with Dave, honestly.

… There was one thing that I just thought of then, every time we’ve had a session my learning has jumped a level, where I wouldn’t have expected it to be. It’s just awesome.”

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A David Jenyns Feedback by Adam Lancaster | Coaching Client

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