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“I’m Mike Hamilton and this is Aimee. We’ve both chiropractors and we saw a pretty big need in our niche for creating a full service for chiropractors where we could create their websites and handle their social media and everything that they needed done online. We started to grow pretty rapidly and that is the point where we met Dave and he met us.

I met Dave by watching YouTube videos long ago when I was searching through the darkness trying to figure out how to get websites to rank. I came across Dave’s videos. He was one of the first people who I ever saw online who I felt put everything together in a way that you could systematize. It actually started to make sense and I could see the pattern of how to build it correctly. We’re in a whole new world of SEO these days and really, we spend very little time talking about SEO in our conversations that we have now. It’s been a good thing.


“If we hadn’t worked with you (Dave) at that point, we would have lost so much in our business.”

I saw Method 1 first and I bought that. Actually I watched that at a chiropractic seminar I was at. On one of the breaks I sat down with all my friends who were chiropractors and I explained all the things I do for our websites. That’s when they started deferring to me for answers on things that they needed help with. That was a while before we started our business, but that was the point at which I started, I suppose.

For me, throughout my whole life I’ve always tried to find people who were ahead of me so that I could get better, whether it was in sports or whatever. It’s a lot easier to find someone who is really good at what you’re trying to do than trying to invent it all by yourself. I think at the time Aimee and I met you at the seminar, I thought, it would probably be good for us to have a coach. But I really wasn’t thinking in my head we have to have a coach. At that time in my head I was more like, it might be good, when I’m thinking ahead here, maybe we’ll have a coach.

Now when I look back on it, I think, if we hadn’t worked with you at that point, we would have lost so much in our business. We are at a point right now where we’re ready to just explode with growth. It took us quite a few months of getting all of our systems in place to be able to do that. If we hadn’t started working with you at that time we would have six more months to go right now.

If we were just starting with you today, we would have had six more months to get all of those pieces in place for us to go from the level of being a pretty good, new, growing business to this year we’ll become one of the biggest, most powerful providers in chiropractic websites if we track where we should. Both of us know that we may have accomplished it at some point if we hadn’t met you but it happened a lot faster. You knew where we were going to get in trouble.

Everything that you’ve told us I’ve been close to figuring out but when you say it ahead of time, it just gets there faster. You know it’s a decision, it’s not a guess. Aimee and I think this is the right next move to make but we’re not sure. You’ve already been through that, so you know that is the right next move. Then we know that it’s the right move, so we’re confident in moving forward. Instead of tiptoeing along, we’re going at a hundred miles an hour. We’re implementing a lot faster because of the help you’ve given us.

Aimee maybe wants to talk about that more.”

Aimee: “For every business, moving forward means organization and steps, procedures and protocols. Without those things, I don’t think it matters what business you have, you’re not going to sustain your business long enough to move to the next bigger steps and pathways. I think the things that you talked about, you, with all of your experience could see far enough ahead, that without that, we would have been in some major trouble.”

“I think we needed that but we didn’t know what to do or what steps to take next. That was a big, big help.

One of the funny stories in the beginning was in the early days you had asked us, how do you manage your clients? In the beginning, it was Aimee and I, we didn’t have any employees. We had a giant cork board that was four feet by six feet. We still have it in the office now. We would put our clients on there and move them from category to category as we were fixing things. We told you that, and you said, do you mean it?

Now with Podio that we use today, it’s so massively more complicated but it’s so important. We did our seminar this weekend for some of our new staff who we were talking about with you. We ended up doing most of the whole seminar in one day. At every point that we went through that it was, if we didn’t have Podio right now, with all these people who are working with us at this point, we couldn’t function.”

Aimee: “Even handling our customers right now, if we didn’t have the system that we have, we would be losing business just because we couldn’t take care of the customers properly. It wasn’t that hard to change, it was just making the right change at the right time, right programs. So it was very insightful. It helped tremendously.”

“The thing that is funny about the growth in the business is that the amount of marketing that I had to do to get patients in our office was so much more than we have to do for this. If we even sort of turned the marketing on, even with our volume today, we would double it in two months. If we put our marketing on full blast and I did everything that I know I could do, I think we could double or even triple our volume. It’s June right now. When we get to January, I think we could triple our volume by that point in time. We couldn’t do it though if we didn’t have the things in place to manage our clients that we have right now.

We haven’t had a problem on my end in getting the people in, because I’m more on the sales side and the marketing side of the business. But learning how to manage all the clients and knowing what to do when is what you’ve helped us with so much. Aimee and I have had quite a few coaches and we’ve been in a lot of management things especially when we were chiropractic. In this space you’re the first coach we’ve had.

With all the coaches we’ve had, they taught a certain thing and we joined their program and they taught us that thing. But if didn’t really fit exactly what that thing was, they didn’t really help us. The difference with you as a coach is you don’t have a specific thing. You sat down and understood our business and figured out what that was. Then you figured out how your experience could help us to improve that. That’s why you were so valuable in the beginning and that’s why you’re still valuable as long as we’ve worked together.

We’ve never worked with a coach as long as we’ve worked with you. Aimee and I can implement quickly. Usually by the time we’ve talked to a coach for a couple of months, we already know everything they’re going to tell us and we’ve done it all already. So there is nothing else they can contribute to us and we move onto the next thing. That has happened with every coach we’ve had.

We haven’t had that with you because we don’t need to talk as often as we do now. Honestly in my head before we had our last talk, I was starting to think, maybe we’re getting to a point where we don’t need to talk to Dave as much. He’s an awesome friend of ours and I love working with Dave, but maybe we don’t need to work with him as much as we are right now.

Half way through the talk, Aimee wrote a note that we need to keep working with you. I knew that too already. We don’t need to talk as much as we used to now. Once a month right now is still critical for us. It helped us a ton the last call we had. It really did. It helped as much as the first call that we had probably.”

Aimee: “What I was going to say too, to add to that, what I think is great is I think you work on our business like you’re part of our business. Most coaches work on the business like they’re a third party, they’re not really in it, working on it, trying to help, which I really appreciate.

Yes, it’s been really, really good working with you. You care about what you’re doing. We’ve never had a point working with you where we thought you didn’t care a lot about what you were doing. Who knows where we’ll go as the future goes along but I think there will always be a need for us to be communicating with you about where we’re at where we should go.”

“The hardest thing I think to be a business owner is to know what your next step should be. When you don’t have someone to talk to who is ahead of you in that space, you are really tentative about the direction you should go. You step really cautiously and that is a horrible way to run your business.

You really need to be able to make a decision, even if it’s not the right decision. You have to make a confident decision and go with it until you know you have to change direction and then you change and go the next way. Before we met you, we were unsure. After our first talk with you, I said that was great. I felt like we knew where we were going. I don’t even remember what we talked about that day, they were simple things.

I think everybody is trying to sell you something all the time. Just like you said, when Aimee and I were at that seminar, there were a bunch of people who tried to get us to work with them and sell us their products. You were the one person who wasn’t pushy. You didn’t push us hard and the person I watched on those YouTube videos all those years ago, is the person you are. You were genuine in those videos, you gave from your heart, you weren’t selfish. I think that’s why I watched your YouTube videos so much. I thought, this person is really honest and they’re telling me everything, they’re not holding anything back.

When we met you at the seminar, you stood with us and talked to us and hung out with us. You were genuinely interested in what we were doing. We’re like that too, so we resonated well with you. We’re really honest, open and genuine people, so you were a good match for us. We met some other really nice people at that seminar too, but you were the best coach for us by far who we could have picked. We could have picked anybody. We probably could have worked with anybody who was there just about who had any kind of coaching services. You were by far the best person for us to pick.

For anybody who is not sure about what they should do, obviously there is some cost to working with you. It’s not free, but that’s the best money we spend every month. It’s paid for itself hundreds of times over already. Based on the growth we’ve seen from the things that you’ve helped to teach us, we would have lost a small fortune if we had not worked with you.

I don’t even think about that when we’re working with you because we just like talking to you and working with you. You always give us more time. I think you’re supposed to give us an hour and we’ve never had a talk that has been only an hour.

We don’t waste times on our calls, I don’t think, but whatever time we need, you give us. We go as long as we need to go on the calls. We appreciate that too.”

Aimee: “I think you’ve very genuine Dave. If anyone needs a word of advice, they can talk to us or email us.”

“Our website is Inception Chiropractic Websites. But if they search chiropractic websites or inception websites, they’ll find us that way.”

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