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“Anyone out there who’s actually interested to work with Dave, I would just like to let you know about myself and what we’re doing here. My name is Conor Hughes and I’m the creator of the Booty Camp project and also co-founder of Family House Coaching dot com and I’ve been working with Dave now for almost a year. So from time we started working with David which is around April of last year and now we’re moving to February and March. We have increased our business; we have increased our revenue by around 100 percent which is really really good. We have now moved to new offices here, we have more locations for fitness classes and everything is going really really well.

So, David has helped us with many many different things. But I guess for me personally, David has helped me with three different things in particular. You know, he’s not really high payoffs with how he has worked with those so basically those three things are the first thing is, if you work with David then the first thing he will do when he sits down and as your first coaching call and the way he works with those we have a coaching call with David on a bi-weekly basis, you know, about two calls and we’ve got email and conversations in between but for the first coaching call what Dave will do is he’ll sit down and he’ll standby the entire coaching call, going over the entire overview of your vision, of your business plan and setting out a step by step framework for how to achieve what it is that you want to achieve and that you’re going to achieve. So, for me that was extremely beneficial because a lot of times what you have in your head is very difficult to get down on paper and to create as a step by step framework of actually having to accomplish that. David is really phenomenal kind of, he creates his master plan and an expert in doing that. And that whole thing alone is so beneficial because when you can see where you are and where you need to go and then when you have a step by step plan of getting there. That constantly you find on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, and then all you need to do is take those steps to actually reach where you’re trying to go. For me, that was a major major help.

Second thing that David helped me with tremendously is implementation and accountability. The way I have worked with Dave, I’m not sure how you work with him but the way I work with him is every time we have a coaching call, we look at the overall plan and we decide what are the main priorities that we want to accomplish. What are the main things that we want to do and between that and the next call in two weeks or three weeks or whatever that may be. Then, we go to a process of implementing those things whatever they may be and Dave is there to keep us accountable. So, it’s all well and good to know what it is that you have to do. The second part is implement, follow through, you know, speed implementation is probably one of the most important things in running a business in becoming successful because you try and do this and you figure out what works, you get feedback and you just repeat the cycle over and over and over again until you get exactly what is that you’re trying to accomplish. So with David, he will not only set that framework for you. He will help you implement what you’re supposed to implement and he will also keep you accountable for those standards that you have set together. So, that’s huge.

"David, he will not only set that framework for you. He will help you implement what you’re supposed to implement and keep you accountable for those standards that you have set together."

‘He will not only set that framework for you. He will help you implement what you’re supposed to implement and keep you accountable for those standards that you have set together.’

The third thing that helped me tremendously was in terms of the speed of implementation, David actually pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I achieve, we as a group her, have achieved things a lot quicker than we would have otherwise. As I said at the start of the video, we’ve grown just over a hundred percent in terms of our revenues since we start to work with David. I think if we have not worked with David, I think we would have grown only twenty-five to fifty percent at best. But the acceleration was there because when you got someone like David in your team, you’re a lot more comfortable with trying things outside your comfort zone if that makes sense. So, to give you an example, last year, August or, last July actually, I have an idea of doing a seminar and I thought it was a great idea and it was something that I really want to do and I taught seminars in the past but they’ve only been with me being a speaker or with another organization. I have never gone through the process of creating a seminar by myself – going through the actual marketing and setting-up, to hiring the video crew, to the whole venue, to the whole process of doing it, to getting a video production. Afterwards, the whole, everything that holds in to create a seminar.

So for me, at a time it was very very daunting and yet when I mentioned this idea to David, he was very very good with me to break it to a process of how to actually do this. And, between the times I have mentioned this to David to the time we actually did the seminar, it was around a five-week period, we actually did the seminar in August and basically I was able to do that because I knew I have someone of David’s experience and knowledge and stature by my side so if I ran in any roadblocks in the way, I can always get him in a coaching call, I can always send him an email and I will accelerate the process so much further, where as if I’m going to do everything on my own. I would probably put it off a little bit and make excuses in my mind and I’ll do this may be in a few months or next year or when I am more prepared but because as I have said I have Dave with me I was able to go ahead and implement that immediately and that’s the thing for me that has helped me the most. The speed of the implementation, that having someone there I have done a lot things that I really wanna do, ‘cause I’m already successful being successful with a lot of things that I’m trying to be successful in. When you have someone there who is such a good business architect and someone who is able to take people’s visions and make them into reality. Then that’s something that I feel, really is kind of beneficial.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Dave has a lot of other things of course but for me those were the three things I found were extremely extremely beneficial. If you’re now all thinking to yourself, well, I’m not sure if this works for me. Then another thing that’s brilliant with working with David is the flexibility within your working relationship is fantastic. There’s no contracts involved. You can be totally confident that when you sign up with David, you just pay your session. If it doesn’t work out, there’s no six-month, twelve-month or two-year contract which is required for a lot of coaching program. You know, what I would really advice you to do is give David at least one or two sessions and you’ll know right off the bat whether it’s gonna be a good relationship for you. Those, that initial call, one or two initial calls would be worth a tremendous amount more than what you’re gonna spend on because of the way David can structure your business and whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

So, that was pretty much it from me, I hope you will take this opportunity and go ahead and sign up with David. We believe it’s been very beneficial to us, it’s just one year coaching and we hope to continue ahead and to work with David for a lot of time in the future. This is a message for you David so if someone’s watching this video, I can go sign up with you, just make sure that it won’t occur in our coaching time. We wanna make sure we have our coaching time with you. So I hope that won’t occur in our time. That’s it for me. I’m open to if anyone of you would like to send me a quick email, questions about our work with David. Please do so, I’m happy to answer. I’ll sign off there. Thank you very much.”

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