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Luke Moulton Shares His Testimonial On OPM1

I host a marketing podcast called I also manage a basically lead generation site in the marine industry as well. I own and manage that. Also I’m developing basically an online website portfolio. Essentially I came here today with the view of I’m basically starting to set up an outsourcing crew. Today has been […]

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OPM1 Feedback By Ben Stickland

I am one of the founders of Noble Samurai, the creators of Market Samurai. I’ve come along today to Pete and Dave’s workshop and I’m absolutely loving it. I think what they’ve done really, really well is got down to tin tacks, got down to specifics around how you go about hiring, how you go […]

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Brent Hodgson Gives OPM1 Review

What brought me here today was I wanted to learn about the processes and systems that Dave and Pete use in their outsourcing. Obviously they’ve been very successful in what they’ve done. There seems to be a lot of theory out there about how you should outsource. But there doesn’t seem to be much in […]

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