Cameron Bloomfield’s Rave Review On SEO Method 3

Cameron Bloomfield

‘Dave is clearly an expert in his industry.’

“I’m Cameron Bloomfield from Dovetail Developments. We join property owners with property developers. I came along to the workshop as I was an attendee to Dave’s Outsourcing Profit Machine two and a half years ago. I’m in the process of building my team over here in the Philippines and about to launch my SEO marketing. So it was a great opportunity to come along today.

The content was fantastic. Dave is clearly an expert in his industry. He has a swag of information and to be able to just get here today as someone said, even if you’re an SEO specialist from a large marketing company, even as a generalist, I’m a level or two above them. So that’s really good.

The biggest takeaway was Dave’s Content Contagion and actually having the map or the blueprint to now take away and actually start to implement in my business is great. I’d recommend getting in contact with the guys. Dave’s got his ebook on the website. Learn more about their process, how they work with their clients. I think the values that Dave was talking about today, he was very open, sharing a lot of content. That’s a good sign that there is someone there who has good values to support you in your business.”

What’s Next?
Interested to learn the same things (and more!) as Cameron Bloomfield did from Dave’s SEO Method workshop? You can watch all the session videos of the SEO Method 3 workshop. Click here to get started.

Cameron Bloomfield Gives Feedback for SEO Method 3 | Workshop Attendee

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