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Outsourcing Workshop Review From James Jackson

“A couple of weeks ago, I heard Dave speak at an event in Sydney and I just found the way he spoke was absolutely awesome and he had some really strong content. He’s also a Melbourne boy like myself so I decided to come down to his course this weekend in Melbourne on outsourcing.

By far the best thing I’ve learned today was the interview process for getting someone from a prospect all the way through to an actual employee and the sort of hoops you should make them run through to qualify them and to make sure that you get A players. That was really gold and really helped me to grow my business over the next three to six months at least.

'The quality of information is top content, so just come along.'

‘The quality of information is top content, so just come along.’

This will really save me. There are a couple of employees who I’ve been avoiding firing and I’m paying them fairly well. They’re not doing their best and they are dragging me down. So monetarily, it’s going to save me thousands of dollars over the next coming months.

Dave and Pete as presenters are absolutely awesome. Today I found the way that they give concrete examples and the way they’re using it in their own business is really helpful in understanding the concepts they’re talking about and really helping to apply it. A lot of people don’t like to reveal things about their business. Dave and Pete have held nothing back and that has really helped understand the concepts that they’re talking a bout. I think I really like the level of transparency because I think it allows you to relate to them more and you know you’re getting the very best of what they have to give. You feel like you’re getting value for money, which is awesome.

If you’re considering taking this course, I would say just come along. The room size is small which is absolutely awesome because it really means you’re really going to have time to speak to the speakers and really get your questions answered. The quality of information is top content, so just come along.”

What’s Next?

If you’re looking for a step-by-step plan to grow your business, search no more because all you need to know are included in the workshop James Jackson mentioned above. Drop by this page for details.

Outsourcing Workshop Review By James Jackson | Workshop Attendee

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