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Online Video Marketing Review By Steve Ovens

One of the things I really enjoy about coming to Dave’s workshops is that he always shows you exactly what he’s doing in his own business. He’s very transparent and open. He’s got this guy ion his team, Ben McEwing who has done his video work and has really helped Dave raise the standard of his videos. Dave has very generously brought Ben in to share all of his techniques and tips and secrets with us. Ben brings that same ethos into what he’s doing. He’s just really been very open and transparent and just shared all the good material with us. So he’s showing things that work today and things that he is using today. So it’s great.

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Web Video Training Review By Katey Shaw

I was brought here today by a good friend who happens to be running the workshop called Pete Williams. I wanted to learn more about video and how it could benefit businesses better. As a job, I am a virtual assistant who specializes in online marketing. So I was looking for better tools to help people in their businesses because video is the way to go.

Really I’m all about resources. I’m quite the, I guess, human Google of resources and automating things and making things easier and cheaper especially in the online space. So finding things like, I think it’s called Animoto or something like that, Xtranormal and the best tool of all VideoHive just to do video introductions have just been amazing tools.

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Outsource Profit Machine Review By Anthony Fernando

What brought me here today was to try and find out a little bit more about outsourcing and the different models of business that are available.

I think probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that business is changing and the nature of business is changing. In times past in order to create a big business, you needed a lot of capital, you needed a lot of time and investment and these days things are very different. It’s now possible to create literally a global business from your own office or home.

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Lights, Camera, Profits Review By Michael Darby

I just came to learn and refine my editing techniques in video to use it for YouTube channels and other business avenues. The best thing I learnt today is drilling down into a bit more detail about video editing and the host of options that we’ve got to be able to get a really good final cut. Ben and Dave have been great. Obviously, Ben’s got some great knowledge in that specific area and he’s been able to share that with us.

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Nick Edwards The SEO Method 3 Review

A lot of information. It actually covered the full spectrum. Everything you need is there and delivered very, very effectively with a lot of resources as well so I can go out and use them later on. I’ve got pages of notes with action steps. I’m actually really keen to go and take action right now.

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