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Web Video Service Review by Andrew Picker

I’m a small business and I listen to Small Business Big Marketing podcasts a lot. They talked about these guys so I got on board through there. That’s one thing that if you are a small business, or anyone who is keen or interested at all, it’s definitely worth checking out on the iTunes store. The podcast is made by some Aussie guys down on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s definitely worth checking out, they have some really good podcasts. I normally put it on in the car when I’m driving around by myself and listen to it and there is some great information for big or small businesses.

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Melbourne Video Production Review By Alla Keogh

Hi my name is Alla Keogh and I’m from Foodie Pooch. When I approached Melbourne Video Production, I really had in mind a series of short sharp videos that talked about not only the products that I’ve brought onto the market but also explaining some of the benefits of natural nutrition for dogs and cats.

When I first started thinking about doing some of these videos, I spoke to some people who had created similar videos for their own businesses and then I actually searched on Google as well and that’s how I found Melbourne Video Production.

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Ian Tomlin Gives Melbourne Videos Review & Rating

We’re a local small business owned by myself and my wife. The idea behind the video was we wanted to make a video that would just introduce us, as a small business to our customers. We tried to explain to them that we were essentially a Mum and Dad business, although we own a franchise and that franchise is a very large organization. The franchise is actually the largest of its kind in the world. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that people understood that we were actually a local business.

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Pete Williams Case Study On Melbourne Based Video Production Company

Hi, I’m Pete from Simply Headsets, an ecommerce site here in Australia. We sell headsets to SME companies all across Australia. We were looking to get a whole bunch of videos done for our site that walk through the different types of headsets and how they work and even some trouble shooting guides as well. We get a lot of calls from people asking how to set up their headset, how do they work, compatibility issues and all those sorts of trouble shooting things. This took a lot of time up from our customer service team.

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