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David Jenyns Review By Ed Dale

“Session four was the ridiculously young and good looking David Jenyns. Dave I was thrilled to get because he’s a machine. I hate Dave Jenyns. The reason I do is because I’m supremely jealous because he seems to produce an extraordinary amount over a number of different fields.

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James Schramko’s Testimonial On David Jenyns

is a very interesting young man. He was one of the first people who I found when I went online and I could see exactly what he was doing. He was doing the affiliate bonus model and he was doing it very well. So I went into a different market and did the same thing and lo and behold, that was my first successful affiliate campaign. I turned this into information products, and from the information products, I turned that into coaching. I kept applying it back, and now, I’m doing this over a number of different websites.

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Nic Lucas’ Feedback On David Jenyns

Dave Jenyns knows his stuff and uses it to help his clients. His reputation precedes him. Back in 2008 I delved deep into the online marketing industry to learn how they were using digital media for influence, but my BS detector was always going off. I then discovered a small group of individuals – like a vein of gold – who actually knew what they were doing, were authentic, full of integrity, and who delivered real results – and this is when I first heard about Dave.

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