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SEO Services Review By Evan Rubenstein

It was a referral. I’ve been dealing with SEO for the last eight years or so. I have had dealings with probably about eight different SEO companies in that period. With the exception of perhaps two, I have found that in general they oversell and under deliver. Very often in the initial conversation or in the initial sell, what they’re trying to do is they just want to get you on board as a client.

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Marketing Consulting Testimonial By Jason Nethercott

I’m basically involved in content marketing. We’re providing good content to the customers of various businesses in Melbourne. It is really content that keeps them connected with the business. We provide that through video and articles. Also we provide email content, documents and white papers, things that are just interesting to customers, high value and really connect customers to businesses.

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Is David Jenyns A Scammer? Prentice Parr’s Review

There was a time where I really just started getting interested in websites. I got interested in actually wanting to build a website. I searched the internet and heard some things about WordPress. I had a friend who knew how to get a WordPress site up. After working with him I created one website. I didn’t really know exactly how to do it but I got with the developer. I spent probably $3000 on that website and really realized I wasn’t getting the type of traffic that I thought that I would get from it.

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Business Coach Melbourne Review By James Tappenden

I’ve been trying to learn the whole business thing for a while. At high school I was the technical guy. I could build websites and do that really well. It took a while to realize that it’s better for business if you hand off the technical work to other people. So the last four years or so I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts to step away from my full time job and do my own thing as a full time entrepreneur.

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Marketing Consulting Review By Susan Riegg

I am a physician. I reside in the United States, I’m here actually in Wisconsin. I am trained in pathology which is the practice of laboratory medicine which I basically worked in for fifteen years. I left that and started my own business. I actually have my own solo medical practice. My area of interest and expertise is in bio identical hormone balancing and medically managed weight loss, the focus of both of those being reduction of risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer and other chronic disease.

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